Working in the field of advocacy and equality often means promoting the basic human rights of people who experience discrimination in their lives. An individual might work for causes such as the fight against homophobia, equality for women, or for people with physical or mental disabilities. Individuals who have a connection to a specific cause often choose to dedicate their careers to advocating on behalf of that cause.

Human Rights & Equality

Potential Career Paths

Individuals who dedicate their careers to protecting human rights and advocating for equality will find rewarding professional opportunities. From fundraising positions to education and awareness campaign leaders, graduates are able to choose how they are best suited to help their chosen cause. This path may also lead to a career with the government, developing policies that deal with human rights and equality. An interest in this field can also lead to the legal field, as well as positions in international organizations such as the United Nations.

Suggested Majors

Human Rights, Political Science, Sociology, History, Criminology, International Relations, Native Studies, Women’s Studies and Gender Studies all provide valuable background on and insight into the field of Human Rights and Equality. Disciplines such as English, Philosophy, and Journalism help develop skills in understanding and communicating complex issues.


Working in this field requires strong leadership skills, as well as strengths in advocacy, public speaking, critical thinking, and research. Negotiation and debate skills, as well as a high degree of resourcefulness, are also extremely valuable. 

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