Our world is more connected than ever before. Individuals who pursue careers in communications and media move quickly, think creatively, and are keeping up with the latest trends in technology. They are socially and politically engaged and enjoy finding new ways to share interesting stories.

Advertising, Communications & Marketing

Potential Career Paths

Advertising, communications, and marketing are exciting and creative fields that present diverse career opportunities. Individuals interested in this field might choose to pursue creative careers in writing or designing content for promotional purposes, or they might follow more of a managerial route, pursuing opportunities as account executives, communication managers, strategy development, or market research.

Suggested Majors

Communications and Public Policy, Economics, English, Fine Arts, Journalism, Psychology, Science and Technology Studies, and Sociology all provide valuable knowledge to succeed in this field.


Skills such as creative thinking and problem solving, writing and editing, research, data analysis, client relations, and organization are important. Presentation skills and the ability to see things from different perspectives would add value to a person’s skillset in this field.

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