Our world is more connected than ever before. Individuals who pursue careers in communications and media move quickly, think creatively, and are keeping up with the latest trends in technology. They are socially and politically engaged and enjoy finding new ways to share interesting stories.

Journalism, Publishing & Media

Potential Career Paths

The field of journalism, publishing, and media has gone through incredible change with advances in technology. The demand for fresh, informative content is more intense than ever, and the public want the latest information as soon as possible. Careers in this field range from newspaper and web reporters to broadcast journalists, bloggers, producing, publishing, editing, and technical positions within media organizations.

Suggested Majors

Individuals choosing this field require a general understanding of many different fields. Being expected to cover a diversity of issues, it is smart to become versed in many things. A background in Communications and Journalism will provide technical skills required for the job, while exposure to English, History, Fine Arts, Human Rights, International Relations, Political Science, Religious Studies, Science and Technology Studies, and Sociology round out an educational experience.


Technical skills in writing, producing, and editing will be essential to this field; however, other skills required for any job falling within this field will include the ability to navigate complex information, to understand issues from multiple perspectives, the evaluate situations and develop social and political awareness. 

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