Education is one of society's most important resources. Individuals who dedicate their careers to working in this field are invested in the success of their students and committed to developing their fields of study for the betterment of society.


Potential Career Paths

Teachers can work in the early lives of children at the elementary stages, or with youth in the middle to high school level. Each stage comes with rewards and challenges, and the possibility of working in the public or private school system

Suggested Majors

Whether it is a teacher of elementary, middle, or high school, an academic background in almost any area is beneficial. Suggested majors for future teachers include Anthropology, English, Fine Arts, French, Great Books, History, Political Science, Psychology, Catholic Studies and Sociology. More information on a Bachelor of Education can be found at the School of Education.


The skills required to become a good teacher include strong communication skills, writing and editing skills, attention to detail and organizational skills, the ability to listen and relate to young people, especially those who are finding difficulty with understanding. Leadership skills are essential to running a classroom.

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