Education is one of society's most important resources. Individuals who dedicate their careers to working in this field are invested in the success of their students and committed to developing their fields of study for the betterment of society.

Higher Education

Potential Career Paths

Careers in higher education can include becoming a university professor in any subject offered at the university level. It can also include working on the administration side of higher education as a president, vice-president, or director of one of the many administrative departments. Recruitment, academic advising, residence and student services are some of the departments that present opportunities for a career in higher education.

Suggested Majors

If an individual’s interests is in teaching at the university or college level, their major or honours should reflect the field they wish to someday instruct. If the interest is in dealing with students in other ways, they might consider courses from Psychology or Sociology. At the administration level, it might be beneficial to study Communications and Public Policy, Economics, History, Human rights, International Relations, Philosophy, Political Science.


In any position within higher education, superior research skills will be required. The ability to think critically, deconstruct complex information, and debate issues will also be essential. Strong communication skills and the capacity for lifelong learning will not only be advantageous to the individuals working in higher education, but also to the students they encounter during their careers.

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