Education is one of society's most important resources. Individuals who dedicate their careers to working in this field are invested in the success of their students and committed to developing their fields of study for the betterment of society.

Educational Services & Administration

Potential Career Paths

An interest in the education field doesn’t always mean being a teacher. Career opportunities can be found in adult education, curriculum development, English as a second language instruction, school administration (principal, vice-principal) guidance counselling, education-related policy work, academic program leadership, education research, and more.

Suggested Majors

Communications and Public Policy, Economics, English, French, History, Human Rights, International Relations, Catholic Studies, Native Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Science and Technology Studies, and Sociology can provide an excellent educational foundation for individuals interested in working in educational services and administration. More information on a Bachelor of Education can be found at the School of Education.


Critical thinking skills will prove valuable in this field, as well as heightened abilities in problem-solving, decision-making, presentation skills, and management. Depending on the stream an individual’s pursue within this broad field, other required skills might include an understanding of different cultures, social and cultural awareness, and knowledge of an additional language.

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