Education is one of society's most important resources. Individuals who dedicate their careers to working in this field are invested in the success of their students and committed to developing their fields of study for the betterment of society.

Library & Information Science

Potential Career Paths

In addition to a career as a librarian, this field might also include positions such as a researcher, an archivist, manager of information services, electronic resource specialist, database administrator, and others.

Suggested Majors

Since library and information sciences is such a diverse field of work, individuals might major in almost any discipline in which an extensive amount of research and analytical work is required. Anthropology, Communications and Public Policy, Criminology, Economics, English, Fine Arts, Great Books, History, Journalism, and Religious Studies are excellent majors to consider.


Research and analytical skills are among the most important skills required for this field of work. Writing and editing, as well as new media computer database skills are important to this field in today’s world.

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