Our local, national and international communities are led by governmentselected representatuves and civil servantsthat strive to meet the needs of citizens. From issues as diverse as health care, education, resource management, and economy, people working in this field learn to balance conflicting priorities under social and financial constraints to improve their communities. 


Potential Career Paths

An interest in working in politics might lead a career as an elected representative at the municipal, regional, provincial, or federal level of government. It could also mean working as a political staffer, as an executive assistant or campaign manager. There are many behind-the-scenes jobs that contribute to the political scene: speech writers, event coordinators, press secretaries, political journalists.

Suggested Majors

Political issues cover every aspect of our lives. Knowledge from any field will be important to a political career. However, Political Science, Communications and Public Policy, Criminology and Criminal Justice, History, International Relations, Journalism, Philosophy, and Sociology are suggested areas in which to focus.


For a successful political career, it is important to develop exceptional skills in public speaking and debating, as well as an appetite for navigating complex issues and forming an educated opinion on these issues. To work in the political field, it’s also valuable to obtain a diversified knowledge base and the capacity to relate to people from different backgrounds.

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