Our local, national and international communities are led by governmentselected representatuves and civil servantsthat strive to meet the needs of citizens. From issues as diverse as health care, education, resource management, and economy, people working in this field learn to balance conflicting priorities under social and financial constraints to improve their communities. 

Public Service & Administration

Potential Career Paths

The public sector covers almost all of our social lives. As such, careers in this field are wide ranging, depending on what aspect of public service an individual is interested. One might pursue a career in health and safety, education, justice, military, natural resources, economic development, and many more. There are also options in what level of government to pursue: municipal, provincial, or federal.

Suggested Majors

Depending on what aspect of public service is of interest, an individual will undoubtedly require familiarity with how governments function. Political Science and International Relations are good places to start. Furthermore, knowledge of Economics, Environment and Society, History, Human Rights, Native Studies, Science and Technology Studies, and Sociology would also serve someone interested in this field well.


The ability to think critically, analyze complex information, and make informed decisions will be vital to a career in this field. Communication skills and the capacity to balance multiple priorities will also be required. An individual in this field should also develop social and political awareness.

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