What are the duties and responsibilities of your work?
In collaboration with the City Manager, I support the City of Saint John’s efficiency and operational performance. My portfolio supports the city in prioritizing, implementing and reporting on council directives, provides advice on policy matters, all while managing a number of strategic initiatives and special projects. I serve as a strategic liaison between the City Manager’s Office, Common Council, Senior Management, City Staff and the community while helping ensure a close alignment between existing priorities and plans.

How can students prepare themselves at STU to work in your field? (eg. volunteer work, internships, extra-curricular activities, specific courses)
Build your theoretical and strategic capacity all while preparing yourself for the operational demands of your future career in the public service. In terms of theoretical capacity, immerse yourself into a variety of disciplines (i.e. Economics, Political Science, Human Rights, Communications, Philosophy) and allow the impressive roster of faculty, as well as your fellow classmates, expand your understanding of government and public policy. As for strategic capacity, participate in debate, ask questions, take a position, change your position and learn to surround yourself with people that are smarter than you. Finally, in order to prepare yourself for the operational demands of the public service, use your time at St. Thomas to test your abilities and limits to manage multiple demands. Can you balance your course work with a part-time job? What about adding a few extracurricular activities? Student government? Learning to play an instrument? Starting a website? You will know when you’ve gone too far, and adjust accordingly.

How has STU and your liberal arts education helped you in your career? 
St. Thomas University facilitated a learning experience and critical space that allowed me to discover what motivated me and why. My time in the classroom and with friends afforded me the ability to test out my beliefs and build new perspective, which will continue to serve me for years to come. My ability to manage various academic and extracurricular demands while at St. Thomas started my ongoing quest to achieve the great balancing act, which is not only a skill, but a necessity in my current career path.