A career dedicated to the health and wellness of other people can be incredibly rewarding. Either through direct contact with patients, or through advocacy and awareness for various health issues, striving to better the lives of those affected by mental and/or physical illness is an important line of work.

Health & Medical Professions

Potential Career Paths

Careers in this field vary from medical doctor and nurse to speech language pathologist, psychologist, and health policy analyst. Individuals interested in a career in the health and medical field might also wish to work in education and awareness related to specific health issues.

Suggested Majors

Psychology and Gerontology are two fields that deal specifically with the mental and physical health of people, each providing a different perspective on the human experience and what it means to be “healthy.” Science and Technology Studies can provide a very interesting and useful perspective to the medical field. If there is an interest in policy work, individuals might study Political Science, International Relations, and Human Rights.


A career in this field will require exceptional skills in research, critical thinking, and decision-making. Working in the health and medical field will mean individuals must possess the ability to balance facts and findings with the emotional impact their work might have on people they encounter.

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