Working in the field of advocacy and equality often means promoting the basic human rights of people who experience discrimination in their lives. An individual might work for causes such as the fight against homophobia, equality for women, or for people with physical or mental disabilities. Individuals who have a connection to a specific cause often choose to dedicate their careers to advocating on behalf of that cause.

International Relations & Community Development

Potential Career Paths

An interest in international relations can lead to an exciting career within the government in international trade, foreign policy, immigration, and more. In today’s highly globalized world, it’s more important than ever for industries to employ individuals who possess the knowledge and skills needed to work in an international landscape. Individuals in this field might also work as community development officers or engagement managers for foundations that contribute to the growth and success of meaningful programs. 

Suggested Majors

International Relations, Political Science, and History are appropriate disciplines to study. Human Rights, Sociology, Native Studies, Economics, Journalism, French, Spanish, Science and Technology Studies, Catholic Studies, and Religious Studies would also serve someone well in this field of work.


Working in this field requires knowledge in international issues, as well as an understanding of social behaviors. Research skills will be highly important, as well as strengths in critical thinking, communication, negotiation and debate. The ability to speak multiple languages would be an asset. 

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