A career dedicated to the health and wellness of other people can be incredibly rewarding. Either through direct contact with patients, or through advocacy and awareness for various health issues, striving to better the lives of those affected by mental and/or physical illness is an important line of work.

Psychology, Counselling & Mental Health

Potential Career Paths

Individuals interested in this field will find a rewarding career as a clinical psychologist, a personal therapist, a social worker, a mental health counsellor, or even a psychology researcher or university professor.

Suggested Majors

To work in this field, an in-depth knowledge of human behavior is expected. Psychology is the best foundation for a career in psychology, counselling, and mental health; however, many other fields will provide valuable knowledge and understanding: Criminology, English, Fine Arts, Gerontology, Journalism, Native Studies, Sociology, and many other fields will complement Psychology. The Department of Psychology has a microsite on Career Paths in Psychology and Counselling


The skills needed for a career in this field include strong analytic skills (earned by learning about research methods and analysis), an ability to understand people from different backgrounds and experiences, and the capacity to communicate clearly and effectively. Success in this field largely depends on active listening skills, as well as the ability to build trust with clients, adapt to situations, and develop lifelong research skills.

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