A career dedicated to the health and wellness of other people can be incredibly rewarding. Either through direct contact with patients, or through advocacy and awareness for various health issues, striving to better the lives of those affected by mental and/or physical illness is an important line of work.

Sports & Recreation

Potential Career Paths

An interest in working in sports and recreation can lead to careers in team management, coaching, scouting, program and event coordinating, directing athletic departments at universities, and other areas that enable athletics and recreation to thrive in communities.

Suggested Majors

Working in sports and recreation means working with people from all kinds of backgrounds. Studying in disciplines such as Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology can provide insight into how events and situations influence the people that individuals will work with in this field. Depending on what avenue of sports and recreation to which a person is drawn, taking courses in Economics, English, Journalism, and History will certainly offer further understanding of the dynamics it takes to operate programs and organizations related to sports and recreation.


Individuals aspiring to work in this field will require skills in both quantitative analysis as well as qualitative judgement. A knowledge base in how statistics and analysis works will help in making sense of the plethora of information.

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