What are the duties and responsibilities of your work?
I manage 170 sales people in four sales centres through North America. I’m responsible for the overall success of this group, and within that, revenue growth and retention for the company. I’m responsible for overseeing hiring, training, coaching, sales planning and forecasting, performance management and strategy for this group.

How can students prepare themselves at STU to work in your field? (eg. volunteer work, internships, extra-curricular activities, specific courses)
Take economics courses and communication courses, get jobs in sales, develop competitive spirit, entrepreneurial pursuits, and talk to people who work in business and in sales. Also, there’s a free online site (skillsnb.ca) that, combined with their degree, would be great to help round out their skills.

How has STU and your liberal arts education helped you in your career?
STU broadened my learning capacity, fostered my creativity, set the table for a life of setting goals and challenges.