A career in social and community services is demanding but rewarding work. For individuals who truly hope to make a difference in the lives of others, on an individual and community level, a career in social and community services can be the opportunity to touch the lives of many through their work.

Social Work

Potential Career Paths

A career in social work can lead to positions within government, working in one of the many areas of social services.  Individuals might also pursue employment as personal counsellor, or work in mental health, addictions, or elder care.

Suggested Majors

Social workers tend to have a background in the study of people. Psychology, English, Gerontology, Great Books, Human Rights, Native Studies, Sociology, Women’s Studies and Gender Studies are all areas that add value to a career in social work.  More information may be found at the School of Social Work


Empathy, boundary setting, and active listening are essential skills to working in social work. This comes from understanding people through the study of Psychology and Gerontology, or even coming to understand social groups through the study of Sociology. Social perceptiveness can be an asset to this career, and can be gained through learning about the human condition in English and Great Books. The ability to communicate effectively and make informed decisions after critical thought will be necessary as well.

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