A career in social and community services is demanding but rewarding work. For individuals who truly hope to make a difference in the lives of others, on an individual and community level, a career in social and community services can be the opportunity to touch the lives of many through their work.

Gerontology & Aging

Potential Career Paths

An individual pursuing a career in Gerontology and Aging might work in a nursing home or senior day care facility ensuring the experiences of older adults are positive ones. Gerontology majors often move into careers in social and health services, some choosing to pursue a career in medicine or nursing after their Gerontology degree, as this background provides incredible insight into the experience of the patient. Policy Analysts with the government who possess a background in Gerontology will benefit enormously from this type of education.

Suggested Majors

Gerontology is the best preparation for a career working with older populations to improve their social lives in the later stages of their lives. Sociology can provide further understanding of the conditions older people encounter socially, and Psychology will surely help individuals in this field see how  human behavior and perspective changes at later stages of life. Human Rights, Religious Studies, Women’s Studies and Gender Studies, Fine Arts, English, and other areas of liberal arts studies can help form a meaningful perspective on life that will serve an individual working in this field.


Creative problem-solving, resourcefulness, and research will be essential to an individual’s success in this field. Whether dealing with policies, groups of people, or individuals, anyone working in Gerontology and Aging will be required to assess situations and adapt accordingly on a case-by-case basis. The ability to relate to people at their level and to remain calm and patient with their needs in mind are also qualities and skills required in this type of work.

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