A career in social and community services is demanding but rewarding work. For individuals who truly hope to make a difference in the lives of others, on an individual and community level, a career in social and community services can be the opportunity to touch the lives of many through their work.

Youth & Child Issues

Potential Career Paths

Working in this field will allow individuals to make a positive difference in the lives of young people. It might come in the form of working within a youth treatment facility or a group home. Other opportunities would come as a program director or working in government, or fundraising for youth related initiatives in the community.

Suggested Majors

There are a number of courses that focus on children and youth, including within the departments of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Sociology, English, and Psychology. Other areas of study that could help in this field are Fine Arts, Political Science, French, and Human Rights.


To work with children and youth, individuals must possess the emotional intelligence to navigate the many experiences one might encounter in this field of work. Problem solving, team work, and organizational skills will also be beneficial. Essential to any job in this area will be the ability to communicate with youth, and help them feel understood.

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