Working in the field of law and criminal justice involves protecting, upholding, and sometimes questioning or changing the legal system that exists to govern our society and keep us safe. Individuals interested in these types of careers typically appreciate the concepts of logic and rules, are able to engage in debates about pressing legal and social issues, and are often motivated by a sense of justice.

Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Potential Career Paths

An interest in law enforcement and public safety opens a wide range of career opportunities. Individuals might be inclined to explore their options as an officer of corrections, parole, border control, law enforcement, police, or security.

Suggested Majors

Anyone interested in a career in the criminal justice field should take courses in Criminology and Criminal Justice, as well as from Psychology, English, French, History, Human Rights, International Relations, Journalism, and Philosophy. Courses in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies, Sociology, or almost any other discipline offered at St. Thomas provide insight into the diversity of issues one can expect to encounter in this field.


Skills required of anyone working in law enforcement and public security will include the ability to make decisions, to interpret situations, to remain calm in difficult circumstances. Exceptional critical thinking skills and an aptitude for interviewing and negotiation will also be helpful.

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