Arts and culture are at the heart of our communities. Individuals who work in this field bring excitement to our lives in the form of festivals, centres, galleries, shows, and more, whether they’re artists themselves or promote and facilitate the work of others. 

Visual & Performing Arts

Potential Career Paths

Career opportunities for artistic individuals are diverse and wide-ranging. Individuals may wish to pursue a career in theatre as stage performers and actors, or backstage as production managers, music directors, or stage directors. Individuals may choose to pursue a career as a professional musician. Creative careers may take the form of an art of music teacher, art therapist, producer, writer, or even a talent manager or agent. Art directors at marketing firms often have educational background in visual and performing arts.

Suggested Majors

Depending on an individual’s creative preference, suggested majors for an artistic career are Fine Arts, Fine Arts with a Minor Music, English with a Concentration in Drama, English with a Concentration in Creative Writing, Psychology, History, Philosophy, and Anthropology.


Creative skills are the most obvious skills needed to succeed in an artistic career; however, each art discipline will require a specific set of skills pertaining to that avenue of art. Individuals will also need to be strong in their research abilities, communications and organization. The ability to work collaboratively is an essential skill for anyone wishing to work in the field of visual and performing arts.

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