Business, management, and sales offer a diversity of career opportunities in almost any industry—from the private sector, public sector, and not-for-profit agencies. People attracted to these fields are highly organized, results-driven, can motivate their teams, and enjoy the excitement of building a business, company, or organization.

Business, Sales & Fundraising

Potential Career Paths

The world of business can present an endless list of career opportunities. Depending on what type of business is of interest to an individual, they might find themselves in positions such as account manager, sales consultant, product specialist, or area manager. Those interested in fundraising might find themselves working for hospitals, not-for-profit organizations, special campaigns, universities, or other organizations that require public funding.

Suggested Majors

Economics, French, Spanish, Communications and Public Policy are excellent places to start when pursuing a career in business. Business can come in almost any form, so almost any major you choose will provide knowledge needed to succeed. As business people need to negotiate and network often, English provides excellent communication skills needed for any job. Backgrounds in Journalism, Political Science, and International Relations also allow business people to collect a large bank of knowledge to draw on for the varying situations they might come across.


Familiarization with multiple cultures can be an asset for those interested in business, particularly language skills to communicate with people from other countries. Financial literacy and sound judgment when it comes to investments and decision making are essential to becoming a successful business person.

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