Business, management, and sales offer a diversity of career opportunities in almost any industry—from the private sector, public sector, and not-for-profit agencies. People attracted to these fields are highly organized, results-driven, can motivate their teams, and enjoy the excitement of building a business, company, or organization.

Human Resources

Potential Career Paths

Human resource specialists are employed at almost every place of business. These professionals might specialize in recruitment, benefits, professional development, training, health and safety, and hiring and contract negotiations.

Suggested Majors

Suggested majors for this field include subjects related to understanding people, as well communicating and planning for business purposes: Economics, French, Human Rights, Political Science, Religious Studies, Psychology, and Sociology


The ability to listen and communicate concepts clearly and effectively is vital to a professional role in human resources. Individuals would benefit from skills in organization, prioritization, judgement, logical and critical thinking, leadership and management, and presentation and negotiation.

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