Business, management, and sales offer a diversity of career opportunities in almost any industry—from the private sector, public sector, and not-for-profit agencies. People attracted to these fields are highly organized, results-driven, can motivate their teams, and enjoy the excitement of building a business, company, or organization.


Potential Career Paths

Management positions exist within companies and organizations large and small. Individuals might choose to pursue a career as a sales manager, a manger of people or a group of people, or even as a project or campaign manager. Managers work in a diversity of fields from private business to non-governmental organization to government and higher education.

Suggested Majors

Managers should have a deep understanding of the industry in which they work, and the people with whom they work. Disciplines such as Anthropology, Communications and Public Policy, Economics, English, History, Human Rights, International Relations, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology can provide an excellent foundation for future managers.


Being a good manager means understanding people, and the demands of their jobs. It also means being able to see the big picture, hit targets, and meet deadlines.

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