This field is for individuals who are interested in working with the ebb and flow of our economy. They understand the significant role that finance and economic development play, from government to industry, and in our own personal lives.

Economic Development

Potential Career Paths

The field of economic development is present in many different career opportunities including as an economic development officer, a director of economic strategy, an economic policy analyst, an operations manager, or even as an auditor or financial planner/advisor.

Suggested Majors

To thrive in this field, individuals should have a thorough understanding of how economies work, what influences the economy, and how the economy affects the health, education, politics, and social institutions of a community. The study of Economics, Communications and Public Policy, History, Political Science, and Sociology can provide an individual with this understanding, as well as courses from International Relations, and Science and Technology Studies. In addition, STU partners with HBX of the Harvard Business School to offer students the CORe Fundamentals of Business Program.


Financial literacy is an obvious skill that’s advantageous for anyone in this field. An understanding of political and social institutions will also be helpful in navigating issues related to the economy. The ability to recognize patterns, predict outcomes based on complex information, and strong communication skills will also be required.

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