This field is for individuals who are interested in working with the ebb and flow of our economy. They understand the significant role that finance and economic development play, from government to industry, and in our own personal lives.

Finance, Investment & Insurance

Potential Career Paths

An individual interested in this field might follow a career in corporate finance, working for a company or a bank; they might also be more interested in work specific to investments, providing clients with guidance and direction as an investment planner or a financial analyst. Careers related to insurance include becoming an insurance broker, a claims coordinator, account executive, or as a personal or professional consultant.

Suggested Majors

It would benefit a person interest in this field to take courses in Economics, Communications and Public Policy, French, History, International Relations, Political Science, Journalism, Philosophy, Science and Technology Studies. In addition, STU partners with HBX of the Harvard Business School to offer students the CORe Fundamentals of Business Program.


Skills in navigating complex concepts and information will be mandatory. The ability to make informed decisions and communicate effectively will serve someone in this field well. Superior analytical skills, financial literacy, and proficiency in negotiation are other skills valued in this field.

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