You are cordially invited to join us at the STU chapel (Holy Cross House, main floor) every Tuesday evening at 7 pm during Lent.

We will be coming together in the Chapel to “Watch and Pray” (Mark 14:38). This time of music, prayer, silence, reflection and reading will end with you writing down a question, or a prayer request or a feeling or an emotion. The prayers, feelings and emotions will remain before the Altar each Tuesday night, but the questions will be read out, brought to the floor, the following Tuesday, for discussion (no names are required).

The idea is to live Lent more fully, to ask God for the ongoing gift of conversion and to learn more about our faith and or the Church. After all, as St. Anselm says, our “faith seeks understanding.” What better time to seek the Light than in these dark nights of winter. I hope you will be able to “watch and pray and seek” with us this Lent. These celebrations will last between one hour and one hour and a half. In a society that moves faster and faster, come, be still, watch and pray, write out you questions, desires, anxieties and be well.

Fr. Shawn Daley, SFM