It's increasingly important that students learn their work contributes to the world beyond the classroom and the university. Even the most abstract student work could become tangible or reach non-academic audiences and change the discourse around academia, the arts, the sciences, and more. But how?

•How can we make student work matter beyond the grades they receive for it?
•How can we encourage all students to see their work as important to the world at large?
•How can students see their work as professional or as giving them a stake in a professional life?
•How can they begin to influence a world in which they feel unimportant and sometimes helpless?
•What effects could this have on their work in the classroom?

This day-long workshop will include an interdisciplinary panel discussion and small groups workshops.

Panelists and Facilitators include:
•Sandra Bell (UNBSJ English)
•Brad Cross (STU History)
•Amanda Dipaolo (STU Human Rights)
•Juan Antonio Carretero (UNBF Engineering)
•Susan Machum (STU Sociology)
•Kathleen McConnell (STU English)
•Ben Newling (UNBF Physics)
•Matthew Sears (UNBF Classics)
•Tony Tremblay (STU English)

Registration opens at 8:30 am and the Conference begins at 9:00 am.  Lunch and Refreshments will be provided.

Registration fee: $25 taken on the day - CASH ONLY
Register at
For more information, please contact Andrea Schutz, LTD Chair: