The Community Action Group on Homelessness invites you to Homelessness and Housing Insecurity: A Living Library at the Fredericton Public Library on October 10 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

In collaboration with The Peer Advisory Group (consultants with lived experience of homelessness), The Fredericton Public Library, and The Goody Shop, we will be hosting a Living Library. This event is part of Homelessness Action Week which takes place October 8 to 14, 2017.

During this week the group is hoping to raise awareness of the scope of the problem of homelessness in Fredericton. One of the events is a Living Library focusing on homelessness and housing insecurity.

What is a living library?

Living libraries help breakdown stereotypes and build understanding by promoting one-on-one conversations between individuals. A living library consists of people who volunteer to be books that can be checked out by readers. This conversation allows the reader to learn more about the life story of the human book. We would like to focus on the lives of people who have experienced homelessness while showcasing that homelessness is not their entire story. In holding a living library we hope to bring the people of Fredericton together both in forming stronger community ties and also in ending homelessness in our city.

Why a living library?

By giving people with lived experiences of homelessness and/or housing insecurity a chance to share their story people in Fredericton can have a chance to see the human side of these issues. This library will allow people to see that homelessness is one part of someone’s story and while it has had an effect on the other pieces, it does not get to be their whole story. This is a community building activity and a great way for people to share their stories with one another.

For more information on this event, please contact The Community Action Group on Homelessness at 506-449-9964.