Hey Future St. Thomas Students!
My name is Sam, and I’m a first-year student at St. Thomas University. I’m from Saint John, which is only about an hour from campus. I’m writing because I know you’re considering coming to St. Thomas next year.
I want to share my experience as a first-year student with you, because I was in your shoes just a year ago. I hope this helps you decide whether St. Thomas is right for you.
Making the decision
When I first started applying to universities, there were a number I was considering attending. I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to take—arts or science—until I walked onto the St. Thomas campus.
At that point, I had met a representative and she helped me immensely. (I actually still talk to her!) However, actually being on campus was my deciding moment. Have you ever walked into a place and just felt at home? That’s what it was like for me when I toured St. Thomas for the first time.
My first weeks
I arrived a day early to move into residence, but I was still met with enthusiasm and excitement. My residence quickly became my new home. The activities start right away to fill you with pride for the university and for your residence house. The first week is also helpful in getting you familiar with Fredericton.
I met one of my very best friends at a Welcome Week activity. During that first week, there are so many people and so much going on, but I kept telling myself everyone is in the same boat!
Welcome Week leaders and Residence Advisors were always smiling and ready to help!
What classes are like
I was nervous to start classes, but also very excited. The small classes are amazing. The most people you will have in a class is 60, but most of my classes have 40 or fewer. By the end of the second week, my professors knew my name which made the transition from high school to university a lot easier, and it made for a comfortable learning environment.
What St. Thomas has done for me
I was already heavily involved in just my first semester of first year. I’m a part of my house committee, residence council, and the pre-law society. I’m a note taker for student accessibility. The university also gave me the opportunity to attend the recent East Coast Student Leadership Conference.
Through my early involvement and the people I’ve met, St. Thomas has helped build me up as a student and as an individual in just a few months. St. Thomas is so much more than just a university.
Although classes and school work is the top priority, there are so many other opportunities that open doors and allow you to explore what’s around you. St. Thomas truly holds the keys to success in many ways.
This is why I love my university. I hope you fall in love with STU, too.
Good luck!
Samantha Arthurs

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