The latest issue of The Nashwaak Review is now available. Editor and St. Thomas University English Professor Dr. Stewart Donovan said the issue showcases excellent writing from across the country. He is especially proud to be dedicating this issue to the memory of former St. Thomas University President Dr. Daniel O’Brien.
“It is fair to say that without President O’Brien’s support early on, our magazine would not exist,” Donovan said. 

“Looking back, I see his attitude towards our magazine as part of his larger vision for education and for the arts in society in general. He founded STU’s Fine Arts program, he encouraged our Creative Writing program and he was instrumental in saving NASCAD in Nova Scotia when he became their president.” 

Other writers featured in the issue include a former student of David Adams Richards and STU student Josh Steeves who has written an excellent review of Mark Grief’s latest book. 

Donovan said it is also fitting that this issue be dedicated to President O’Brien because it commemorates the anniversary of Ireland’s struggle for independence. “I have written a full length essay on the Easter Rising, tracing its historical background and its legacy in modern Ireland.” The essay, Donovan adds, grew out of a talk he gave for the Irish Canadian Cultural Association in Moncton last spring.
Since 1994, The Nashwaak Review has published original poetry, short fiction, travel pieces, essays, articles, and reviews. It is a venue for new and established artists, reviewers and critics throughout Canada.

If you would like to order a copy of the issue (Volume 36/37) please send your cheque or money order made payable to St. Thomas University in the amount of $30.00 (includes shipping and handling) to Rebecca Phillips, The Nashwaak Review, St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB Canada E3B 5G3.