Jenicca Jean was hoping to attend St. Thomas University, and after being awarded a major scholarship she's certain it’s where she's meant to go.

The Nackawic Senior High School graduate is the 2017 recipient of the Chancellor’s Scholarship—one of the most prestigious scholarships offered by the university.

“This scholarship is an amazing opportunity for me. I honestly wake up every morning and I’m astounded,” Jean said. “STU was where I was hoping to go and this scholarship confirmed my decision—this is where I’m supposed to be.”

Jean said finding out she was awarded the scholarship was a “dream-like” experience.

“It was very surreal. I could hardly believe what I was hearing,” she said. “I kept looking at my vice principal, Sean Newlands, and my guidance counselor, Chris Gallop, to make sure it was true. I still have an overwhelming feeling of excitement that I can’t put into words.”

Jean was actively involved in her high school community through Student Council, Teens against Drunk Driving, Me to We, Best Buddies, the Gay-Straight Alliance, Reach for the Top, and a number of other clubs and societies. She was also a varsity athlete and will continue her athletic career at St. Thomas as a member of the Tommies women’s volleyball team.

The future STUdent was drawn to the university’s sense of community, small class sizes, and the overall positive learning environment.

“I like knowing I will be known by my name rather than a number and that the university is committed to the success of its students,” she said. “I can’t wait to spend the next four years in such a caring environment.”

Jean plans to study Psychology, but intends to keep her options open and take advantage of the liberal arts offerings. She’s confident she’ll be prepared for what comes after STU.

“I know STU will prepare me for the workforce and help me further become a productive member of society while making a positive difference in the lives of others,” Jean said. “I’m thrilled to take new courses, to have new experiences, and new opportunities.”