* If interested in this opportunity, please contact the organization directly.

Organization: Frontier College

Category: Tutoring

Volunteer Description: Looking for English-language volunteers. While volunteers don’t need to have experience, they should: be open to a variety of people and experiences;have English language skills; and be enthusiastic,patient, flexible, and creative. Programs include a) after school and early evening homework, reading and math clubs, b) in-school class support; and c)assistance to newcomer children, teens and adults with their English oral,writing and reading skills.

Time Commitment: Most programs will run from October 2017 to April 2018. We ask that you be available once a week for one to two hours. Timing is flexible.

Contact Person: Amanda Stebbins, Fredericton Intern

E-Mail: unbstu@frontiercollege.ca

Phone: 506-987-9721

Apply Online: https://www.frontiercollege.ca/Get-Involved/Volunteer/Volunteer-Application-Form