Although teaching can be a challenging profession, there are a number of potential reasons to consider a career in teaching. 

Teachers feel a calling to impact the lives of students and are drawn to teaching for the ability to make a difference in the education system. Studying education at St. Thomas University will provide you with the skills to become an effective teacher in today’s public school system.

If you ask most teacher candidates “why do you want to become a teacher,” they’ll mention the ability to make a real difference in students’ lives. Unlike other professions where you may work behind the scenes, as a teacher you will see the difference you can make every day. There’s nothing quite like seeing the spark of understanding on a child’s face as a lesson “clicks” for them.

Why teach? So you can impact students from all walks of life, imparting lessons that will help shape the next generation.

“As advertised in the media, there is a growing demand for teachers in New Brunswick’s Anglophone School Districts and across Canada. At the School of Education, we offer teacher candidates various opportunities to develop their teaching skills, while working collaboratively with other candidates and strong teacher mentors in the public school system,” said Léo-James Lévesque, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Field Placements.

“Our practice is to place teacher candidates in two different schools during the 15-week internship.This provides teacher candidates with a greater variety of public school experiences and also increases their employability.”

Students interested in the B.Ed. Program are welcome to visit the School of Education throughout any point in their degree to discuss components of the program and the application process.  They can also review the list of requirements to be accepted to the School of Education here.

The School of Education at St. Thomas University is still accepting applications for the Fall of 2018—apply today!