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The History Department at St. Thomas University guides students in the critical study and analysis of the societies and peoples of the past, and the various ways that “the past” is explained in “the present”. Students learn historical content, and discuss the methodological and philosophical issues that inform the exploration of history in our own time, including the difficulties in saying what exactly “history” is or should be.

As with our general approach to the study of history, the History Department is creative and dynamic. Chronologically, we offer courses from the first complex societies more than 5,000 years ago up to the present, though we are strongest in the period from circa 1000 C.E. onward. Geographically, we cover everything from small local communities to cities, nation states, regions such as the Atlantic world, Africa, Europe, Asia or Latin America, and the globe. We have been developing a global history curriculum that includes our World History survey and a growing range of courses that explore thematic and transnational histories (such as social movements, revolutions, citizenship, cities and water) on a global scale.

Our innovative global history initiative and expanding selection of stimulating courses challenge historical conventions and common assumptions about the past. The History programme may cause you to re-examine your world view and lead you to ask fundamental questions about yourself, your society and your world. In fact, this is one of our goals. We hope that both the content and presentation of our courses will help produce thoughtful and informed global citizens who appreciate the fascinating and diverse character of the world, past and present.

We are also committed to developing your critical, analytical and communication skills. We do not pretend that we can teach you the answers, but we can help you learn how to ask and frame good questions. Whether you take one class with us or study for a History Major or Honours degree, and whether you pursue a career in History or not, you will benefit from the skills and content we offer.

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