Catholic Studies

Fall Semester 2018

Cath. Social Teaching & Issues
Dinan, MatthewT TH04:00PM-05:20PM
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Rooted in scripture, philosophy, and theology, Catholic social teaching proposes principles of justice that emphasize the dignity of the human person, the value of economic and political institutions, and the importance of a common good. This course analyses these principles and their application to contemporary social, political, and economic issues, through particular reference to official documents of the Catholic Church. Prerequisite: CATH 2003 or permission of the instructor.

Winter Semester 2019

Intro to Catholic Studies
Staff, M W04:00PM-05:20PM
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An introduction to the Catholic tradition through a consideration of what it means to be Catholic, and how this experience has been expressed historically and culturally in philosophy, theology, prayer, literature, personal and social morality, and art.

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