Catholic Studies

Fall Semester 2017

Global Catholicism
Daley, ShawnT TH05:30PM-06:50PM
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This course surveys the history, theology, ecclesiology, and practice of Catholicism outside of the European church. It will examine the differences between Asian, African, and Latin American theology, the evolving theology of mission in the Church, and the insights non-European Catholicism can provide for inter-religious dialogue, ecumenism, and understanding secularism. Attention will be paid to the historical role of the Catholic Church in European colonization, the distinctions between colonized and un-colonized Catholicism, and how encounters with non-European indigenous cultures has influenced Roman Catholic theology and practice. Prerequisites: none.

Winter Semester 2018

Intro to Catholic Studies
Dinan, MatthewM W F11:30AM-12:20PM
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An introduction to the Catholic tradition through a consideration of what it means to be Catholic, and how this experience has been expressed historically and culturally in philosophy, theology, prayer, literature, personal and social morality, and art.

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