Fine Arts
DISCOVERING FINE ARTS Taught by artists and art scholars, our program in Fine Arts creates opportunities for students to express and educate themselves through creativity. This expression stimulates personal and professional growth while building confidence and individuality. Students pursue Fine Arts through performance, assignment, critiquing, writing, researching, and more. Whether your interest is in music, drawing, painting, sculpting, fi lm, or another artistic field, you will discover a strong, informative, engaging, and inspiring curriculum at St. Thomas.
CRITICAL & TRANSFERABLE SKILLS Studying in the Fine Arts Department requires students to develop a critical eye of their own work as well as the work of others. Students learn to take a step back and evaluate the purpose of the individual pieces of a larger creation or issue. Fine Arts students build confidence and courage in performing and sharing their work. They develop significant abilities in learning from mistakes and perfecting skills, but also develop a strong knack in dealing with the unexpected and trusting their own creative solutions. Students benefit from the creative, performance, and theoretical components of a focus in Fine Arts.
COMMON CAREERS AND GRADUATE PATHWAYS Fine Arts graduates are prepared to succeed in an array of fields including education, advertising, creative arts, museum and gallery work, and arts management. Fine Arts graduates are generally well suited for any career in which musical or visual components are essential to the work—design, social media, publishing, illustration, event planning.
RELATED AREAS OF STUDY Fine Arts is complemented by many of the programs offered at St. Thomas that explore themes of art and culture such as English Literature, Philosophy, History, and Anthropology, among others. Fine Arts serve as a rewarding and challenging major, second major, or minor.