Interdisciplinary Studies


Please note that not every course listed is offered each year and that students should consult the following sources for current course offerings:


INTR-2003. Preparing for International Living and Work Experience

This course is intended to provide academic preparation for students who will be participating in an international work/study programme during the coming summer. To ready themselves for living and working in another country, students will read and respond to academic texts about their destination countries and discuss issues of cultural difference.

INTR-2016. Reflecting on International Living and Work Experience

This course is intended to provide the opportunity for students to reflect critically on their recent living and work experiences abroad as participant in international programmes. Besides reading and responding to academic texts, participants will be expected to respond to journal excerpts and photographs created by individuals during their time in another country.

INTR-4003. Interdisciplinary Honours Workshop

This course provides both interdisciplinary and discipline-based Honours students with the opportunity to share thesis chapter drafts in a research writing workshop context. Participants will reflect on questions, themes and issues arising during the process of researching and writing the thesis.

INTR-4016. Interdisciplinary Honours Thesis

The student, in consultation with her or his Advisory Committee, will submit a thesis proposal to the Interdisciplinary Steering Committee by the end of the third year of studies. The honours thesis is written in the fourth year of studies with guidance from the student's Programme Director.

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