Media Studies

Program Structure


The interdisciplinary Major in Media Studies is open to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts Programme. It consists of 36 credit hours beyond the first-year level in courses designated as Media Studies.

The following courses have been identified as suitable for the interdisciplinary Major in Media Studies. Please note that some of these courses have prerequisites, information about which can be found in listings for respective departments:

CRIM 3263 Crime and the Media
ENGL 2113 Creative Writing Skills
ENGL 2123 Creative Writing Strategies
ENGL 2233 Acting and Theatre Production I

ENGL 2213 Acting and Theatre Production II
ENGL 2223 The Page and the Stage

ENGL 2393 Literature, Technology, and Culture
ENGL 2523 The Study of Drama: An Introduction
ENGL 2693 Reading Popular Culture

ENGL 2723 Fiction, Drama, and Film: A Study of Narrative I
ENGL 3213 Art Cinema
ENGL 3223 Auteur Cinema
ENGL 3216 Advanced Acting and Theatre Production
GERO 3093 Images of Aging in Film
HIST 3783 Film and History
RELG 3583 Media and Ethics
SOCI 2513 Sociology of Communications
SOCI 3573 Sociology of Art and Culture