Native Studies

Program Structure

Native Studies—Honours/Major/Minor


Students majoring in Native Studies are required to complete a minimum of 36 credit hours in Native Studies, including the following courses:

NATI 1006 Introduction to Native Studies
NATI 2503 Research Strategies in Native Studies
NATI 3203 Native Philosophy
NATI 3603 Native People and the Colonial Experience
NATI 3903 Native People and the Law I

In addition to the number of courses offered by Native Studies, courses may also be drawn  from the cross-listed course offerings and the University of New Brunswick with permission  from the Chair of Native Studies.

Courses without formal prerequisites and numbered in the 2000 or 3000-range are intended for students who have completed 30 credit hours of courses at the 1000-level. While not always a formal prerequisite, students are strongly encouraged to take NATI-1006 prior to taking a course at the 2000- or 3000-level.

Assistance in planning a course of studies for the Honours, Major or Minor in Native Studies is available through the Department Chair.


Students interested in an honours degree in Native Studies should inform the Chair of the Native Studies Department by the beginning of their third year and, in consultation with their thesis supervisor, submit a thesis proposal by the end of their third year. Entrance to the Native Studies Honours Programme normally requires a 3.3 GPA in Native Studies courses and a 3.0 GPA in all other courses. Students who do not meet the GPA requirements can appeal and have a departmental evaluation. The department would consider extenuating circumstances as well as substantial improvement in student performance.

Completion Requirements

Completion of an honours degree in Native Studies requires students to complete 54 credit hours in Native Studies or cross-listed courses. In addition to completing the required courses for a Major in Native Studies (with a minimum of 36 credit hours), students are required to complete the Advanced Research Methods course (NATI 3503) and the 6 credit Honours thesis, and at least one course from each of the three subsections below (for a total minimum of 54 credit hours):

Advanced Course on Aboriginal History
NATI 3603 Native People and the Colonial Experienc
NATI 3633 Maliseet/Passamaquoddy History
NATI 3643 Mi’kmaq History
NATI 3943 Métis Issues
NATI 4623 The Archaeology of First Nations History in Canada: Theory

Advanced Course on Law and Regulation
NATI 3713 Are Aboriginal People Human? ‘Human’ and ‘Aboriginal’ Rights
NATI 3913 Native People and the Law II
NATI 3923 Aboriginal Rights: The Land Question
NATI 3933 Aboriginal Peoples and International Law

Advanced Course on Social and Health Sciences
NATI 3623 Native Education and Colonization
NATI 3843 Suicide and Indigenous Peoples
NATI 3853 Alcohol, Drugs, and Indigenous Peoples
NATI 3863 Indian Public Health
NATI 3873 Introduction to Indigenous/Cultural Psychology

In exceptional circumstances, NATI 4503, a three-credit independent study course can be taken in place of one of the above required courses.


Any 18 credit hours in Native Studies is sufficient to constitute a Minor in Native Studies.

Cross-Listed Courses

ANTH-2313. Archaeology of Early Societies: The Americas
ANTH-2013-2153. Area Ethnography
HMRT-1006. Introduction to Human Rights
POLS-3503. Human Rights in International Relations and Foreign Policy
RELG-3473. Native American Religions
RELG-3483. Mi’kmaq and Maliseet Religions
SOCI-2013. Research Methods
SOCI-2023. Introduction to Statistics