Science and Technology Studies
DISCOVERING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY STUDIES Science and Technology Studies (STS) looks at how science and technology are interwoven into societies and people’s daily lives. STS is an incredibly current field of study relevant to the 21st century and at St. Thomas it draws upon the disciplinary traditions of History, Sociology, Philosophy, Communications, and cultural studies. While STS is a new field and is growing fast in popularity, there are only two universities in Canada offering STS and St. Thomas is the one where students will get a hands-on liberal arts approach.
CRITICAL & TRANSFERABLE SKILLS STS students are offered the critical tools for re-shaping our human engagements with science and technology in productive, democratic, and sustainable ways. Students learn about the intimate connection between the development of human civilization and technological change. Students examine the role of science in modern society. And students are given skills not only to understand the relationship between science and society, but also to make change: to communicate science, for example, and to develop rudimentary science policies.
COMMON CAREERS AND GRADUATE PATHWAYS The skills developed through the study of Science and Technology Studies prepare students for professions in politics, journalism, medicine, and the law, among else. Graduates have gone on to careers in public service, communications, business, education, and others.
RELATED AREAS OF STUDY Students studying Science and Technology Studies are often also interested in studying History, Sociology, Philosophy, Communications and Public Policy, Journalism, Anthropology, Environment and Society, and more.