Social Work


Social work is an exciting, demanding, and rewarding profession. Social workers help those in need and seek to remedy societal problems that create inequality and injustice. Social workers help couples resolve marital problems, counsel abused children, set up community associations, and draft social policy legislation.

St. Thomas is the only university in New Brunswick to offer an English language Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), the minimum qualification for social work practice in the province. The programme is fully accredited by the Canadian Association of Social Work Education.

Applicants to the 15-month programme must hold a bachelor’s degree which includes 60 credit hours of liberal arts studies. The St. Thomas Bachelor of Arts provides an exceptional foundation for the Social Work degree: for example, students interested in a career in probation may study Criminology, those interested in working with seniors may study Gerontology, and those who want to work with First Nations communities may take Native Studies. An introductory Social Work course is open to Bachelor of Arts students, and School of Social Work faculty members are available to students considering a social work career.

Planning for a Career in Social Work

Information Specific to the BSW Program

How to Apply

Scholarships and Bursaries

St. Thomas offers a student awards program that includes scholarships for high academic achievement, bursaries for students who have demonstrated financial need, and other awards for students balancing academic performance with extra-curricular, volunteer, or community achievements.

Unless otherwise indicated, the deadline for bursary applications is October 31. The Bursary Application Form is available at the Office of The Registrar, or can be downloaded here. Note that some bursaries require additional application materials.

If you have specific questions concerning your admissions application, please contact the Admissions Office at TEL (506) 452-0532, FAX (506) 452-0617 or EMAIL

If you have specific questions concerning the program, please contact the School of Social Work Office at TEL (506) 452-0540, FAX (506) 452-0611 or EMAIL