Vacation Entitlement

Employees earn vacation credits at a monthly rate. Employees who begin work before the 15th day of the month accumulate days for that month. Employees who begin after the 15th day of the month begin accumulating vacation at the start of the first full month of employment at the University. All regular full-time administrative employees earn vacation as follows:

Accumulated Years of Service at St. Thomas University Vacation Entitlement
0 - 8 years of service 1.25 days per month (15 days/year)
9 - 19 years of service 1.66 days per month (20 days/year)
20 years of service or more 2.08 days per month (25 days/year)

Appointment letters that stipulate a higher vacation entitlement will supercede the above-noted schedule. However, future increases in vacation entitlement will be based on the above-noted schedule.

Vacation entitlement is normally used during the vacation year in which it is earned. Employees should take at least ten (10) days vacation during the year in which the entitlement is earned.

Scheduling and Approval

During the academic year, an employee should submit a request for vacation to his/her immediate supervisor at least two (2) weeks prior to the planned vacation period. Summer vacation requests should be forwarded to the employee's immediate supervisor for approval by June 1 of each year. The employee's immediate supervisor will attempt to schedule vacations at the time requested by the employee. However, vacation must be scheduled in accordance with the continued efficient operation of the administrative unit. It is the responsibility of the employee's immediate supervisor to ensure that vacation schedules fit the needs of the individual work units.

Employees are required to complete a monthly Record of Absence For. This form is distributed monthly by the human resources office, and is used to record vacation time and other leaves of absence. Upon approval, the supervisor forwards the Record of Absence Form to the human resources office for record-keeping.

Carry Over

If an employee does not use all of his/her vacation entitlement in a vacation year, he/she may carry-over a maximum of one full year's vacation entitlement from one vacation year to the next vacation year. The vacation year runs from May 1 to April 30. In special circumstances, carry-over beyond the maximum number of allowable days may be carried over to the next vacation year upon approval of the employee's immediate supervisor. Carry-over vacation entitlement records will be maintained by the human resources office.

Leave of Absence With Pay

For the purpose of earning vacation credits, any absence from work with pay shall be deemed to be time worked. Where an employee qualifies for sick leave (by providing a medical certificate) or bereavement leave during the period of vacation, there shall be no deduction from vacation credits for such absence. The original vacation period that has been scheduled shall not normally be extended. Unused vacation days may be rescheduled at a later date.

Probationary Appointments

Probationary employees do not normally take vacation time in the first six (6) months of employment. Requests to take vacation during the first six (6) months of employment must be approved by the immediate supervisor and the director of human resources.

A probationary employee whose employment is terminated shall receive pay in lieu of vacation credits earned for the period of employment. Payment of this vacation pay shall be included in the employee's pay cheque. If paid vacation time has been approved by the employer and taken by the employee during the probationary period, the vacation pay is adjusted accordingly.

Part-time Employees

Vacation entitlement for regular part-time or half-time employees is the same as for regular full-time employees except that it shall be calculated based on the fraction of the time worked.

Casual or Temporary Employees

Casual or temporary employees shall receive vacation pay at the rate of four percent (4%) of earnings for the vacation year.

Termination of Employment

Employees are encouraged to use all vacation credits, including vacation entitlement earned and approved vacation carry-over, prior to termination of employment. However, any portion of unused vacation will be paid upon termination of employment. If vacation time taken by the employee exceeds accumulated vacation credits, the employee will reimburse the employer accordingly.

Administration of the Vacation Policy

The human resources office is responsible for the administration of the vacation policy. Any questions or inquiries regarding the policy should be directed to the director of human resources.