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Fall Semester 2017

ANTH1013AIntro to Cultural AnthropologyHutton, KarenGMH 207Friday, December 15, 2:00pm
ANTH1013BIntro to Cultural AnthropologyDallos, CsillaNo Exam Scheduled
ANTH1013CIntro to Cultural AnthropologyToner, PeterECH TD- AUDTuesday, December 12, 2:00pm
ANTH1023AIntro to Physical Anthr.McLaughlin, MoiraNo Exam Scheduled
ANTH2063ANorth AmericaVotour, BradleyNo Exam Scheduled
ANTH2103ASoutheast AsiaDallos, CsillaNo Exam Scheduled
ANTH2333AWorld ArchaeologyMora, SantiagoECH 103Monday, December 11, 9:00am
ANTH2413AHuman Biological VariationMcLaughlin, MoiraNo Exam Scheduled
ANTH2533AThe Anthropology of GenderDallos, CsillaNo Exam Scheduled
ANTH2623AApplied AnthropologyVotour, BradleyNo Exam Scheduled
ANTH2633AAnthropology of Music & SoundToner, PeterNo Exam Scheduled
ANTH3806A1Readings in Anth. TheoryMora, SantiagoECH 124Saturday, December 16, 2:00pm
ANTH3913AResearch MethodsProulx, CraigNo Exam Scheduled
ANTH4443AApplied Forensic AnthropologyMcLaughlin, MoiraNo Exam Scheduled
AQGBEN1006A1Introduction to LiteratureWilkie, RodgerHCH 5Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
AQGBPH1006A1Intro to Western PhilosophyHall, AlanHCH 5Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
AQGHEN1006A1Intro to LiteratureBall, HilaryMMH 202Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
AQGHHR1006A1Intro to Human RightsDinan, MatthewMMH 202Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
AQGHPO1006A1Intro to Political ScienceKinney, RossMMH 202Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
BIOL1503APrinciples of Biology ILangmaid, WilfredECH TD-AudFriday, December 15, 7:00pm
BUSI2013AIntroduction to BusinessCritchley, KenNo Exam Scheduled
BUSI3013APersonal Financial PlanningSheppard, LarryJDH G2Friday, December 15, 7:00pm
CATH2203AGlobal CatholicismDaley, ShawnBMH 102Tuesday, December 12, 7:00pm
COPP1013AIntro. to CommunicationsGillies, JamesNo Exam Scheduled
COPP1013BIntro. to CommunicationsGillies, JamesNo Exam Scheduled
COPP2013AFundamentals of WritingTunney, MarkNo Exam Scheduled
COPP2023APolicy Making in the Info AgeMcHardie, DanielNo Exam Scheduled
COPP3043ABusiness Commun. and MarketingMacLean, Heather-AnneNo Exam Scheduled
COPP4006A1Case Studies in Public PolicyGillies, JamesNo Exam Scheduled
COPP4016A1InternshipDickson, DonaldNo Exam Scheduled
CRIM1013AIntroduction to CriminologyClifford, JamesNo Exam Scheduled
CRIM1013BIntroduction to CriminologyPidwysocky, StephenBMH 101Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
CRIM1023AIntro. to Criminal JusticeSauvageau, JeanMMH 203Thursday, December 14, 2:00pm
CRIM1023BIntro. to Criminal JusticeSauvageau, JeanBMH 102Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
CRIM1023CIntro. to Criminal JusticeGoggin, ClaireBMH 102Friday, December 15, 2:00pm
CRIM1023DIntro. to Criminal JusticeO'Regan, KarlaBMH 202Friday, December 15, 9:00am
CRIM1023EIntro. to Criminal JusticeReid, SusanBMH 101Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
CRIM2103AIntro. to Qual. Research Meth.Pidwysocky, StephenBMH 101Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am
CRIM2113AQuantitative Research MethodsGoggin, ClaireBMH 103Tuesday, December 12, 2:00pm
CRIM2123ACriminal LawO'Regan, KarlaMMH 203Monday, December 11, 9:00am
CRIM2223AYouth JusticeReid, SusanNo Exam Scheduled
CRIM2243ACorrectionsGoggin, ClaireNo Exam Scheduled
CRIM2253ACrime & Society in Hist. Per.McCormick, ChristopherBMH 103Monday, December 11, 9:00am
CRIM2943AVictimologyThomas, BrendaNo Exam Scheduled
CRIM3003ASpecial Topics in Crim & CrjsSavarese, JosephineJDH G1Monday, December 11, 7:00pm
CRIM3013AContemporary Crim. TheoryMcCormick, ChristopherBMH 103Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am
CRIM3143ACharter RightsSavarese, JosephineBMH 102Wednesday, December 13, 7:00pm
CRIM3273ACrime in Popular FilmClarke, DawneBMH 102Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
CRIM3503AWrongful Conviction!McCormick, ChristopherMMH 203Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
CRIM3643ATerrorism: An IntroductionClifford, JamesNo Exam Scheduled
CRIM3843ACorporate Crime and RegulationFleming, MichaelNo Exam Scheduled
CRIM3953APeacemaking Crim&Restora.JustPidwysocky, StephenBMH 101Monday, December 11, 2:00pm
CRIM4003ASpec.Top.:Human TraffickingWinterdyk, JohnMMH 106Tuesday, December 12, 2:00pm
CRIM4006A1Honours Research SeminarSavarese, JosephineGMH 204Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
CRJS3003AGovt & the Crim Justice SystemThomas, BrendaBMH 102Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
ECON1013AIntro to Economics (Micro)Gupta, SatyadevECH G11Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
ECON1013BIntro to Economics (Micro)Gupta, SatyadevECH G12Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
ECON1023AIntro to Economics (Macro)Solati, FaribaECH 103Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am
ECON2103AMicroeconomic Theory IRhinelander, JasonGMH 205Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
ECON2153APolitical EconomySolati, FaribaECH 103Monday, December 11, 2:00pm
ECON2203ACommunity Econ DevelopmentMcFarland, JoanNo Exam Scheduled
ECON2213AContemporary IssuesSolati, FaribaMMH 106Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
ECON3323AEnvironmental EconomicsOlale, EdwardNo Exam Scheduled
EDUC5015A1Field PlacementLevesque, Leo-James
EDUC5163AFren. Sec. Lang. Meth: Ms/HsLevesque, Leo-James
EDUC5413A1Elem.School Reading&Lang. ArtsIngersoll, Marcea
EDUC5413B1Elem.School Reading&Lang. ArtsIngersoll, Marcea
EDUC5423AMdl Scl Literacy & laIngersoll, Marcea
EDUC5433A1Elem School Math MtdsWood, Shaunda
EDUC5433B1Elem School Math MtdsWood, Shaunda
EDUC5443A1Art and Music Ed. in ElemHewson, Anne
EDUC5443B1Art and Music Ed. in ElemHewson, Anne
EDUC5473A1Science for Elem ChildrenWood, Shaunda
EDUC5473B1Science for Elem ChildrenWood, Shaunda
EDUC5613A1Methods in Elem Soc. Stud. Ed.Murray, Sharon
EDUC5613B1Methods in Elem Soc. Stud. Ed.Murray, Sharon
EDUC5843AMethods in Social StudiesMurray, Sharon
EDUC5863AMethods in Sci. Educ - 6-10Williams, Grant
EDUC5873AMethods in Math Ed. Gr. 6-10Williams, Grant
EDUC5903EClassroom ManagementHewson, Anne
EDUC5903SClassroom ManagementHewson, Anne
EDUC5963ALaw, Ethics and Prof. ConductWilliams, Raymond
EDUC5963BLaw, Ethics and Prof. ConductWilliams, Raymond
EDUC5973AIntegrating Tech in ClassroomParks, Scott
EDUC5973BIntegrating Tech in ClassroomMurray, Sharon
EDUC5993EExceptional& Differentiated EdTreadwell, Chris
EDUC5993SExceptional& Differentiated EdGodsoe-Daigle, Karen
ENGL1003AIntroduction to TheatreRoss, LisaNo Exam Scheduled
ENGL1016A1English LiteraturesMorgan, DawnECH G12Friday, December 15, 2:00pm
ENGL1016B1English LiteraturesRobinson, MatthewGMH 304Monday, December 11, 9:00am
ENGL1016C1English LiteraturesMcKim, ElizabethJDH G6Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
ENGL1016D1English LiteraturesTremblay, AnthonyGMH 207Tuesday, December 12, 2:00pm
ENGL1016E1English LiteraturesMcConnell, KathleenECH G12Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am
ENGL1016F1English LiteraturesDesroches, DennisJDH 205Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
ENGL1016G1English LiteraturesAllen, EllaNo Exam Scheduled
ENGL2013AResearch Methods in EnglishMorgan, DawnNo exam scheduled
ENGL2013BResearch Methods in EnglishRobinson, MatthewECH 103Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
ENGL2013CResearch Methods in EnglishMcKim, ElizabethJDH G6Thursday, December 14, 2:00pm
ENGL2123ACreative Writing: StrategiesMcConnell, KathleenECH G12Friday, December 15, 9:00am
ENGL2213AActing & Theatre Prod. IRoss, LisaNo Exam Scheduled
ENGL2613AHistory of Children's Lit.Fraser, LouiseNo Exam Scheduled
ENGL2713AShakespeareSmith, LeslieMMH 203Friday, December 15, 7:00pm
ENGL2723AFiction,Drama & FilmDonovan, StewartBMH 101Friday, December 15, 7:00pm
ENGL2803AContemporary Theory IDesroches, DennisJDH G2Tuesday, December 12, 2:00pm
ENGL3153ALiterary PublishingHumble, LinnetNo Exam Scheduled
ENGL3213AArt CinemaDonovan, StewartBMH 101Friday, December 15, 7:00pm
ENGL3216A1Adv. Acting & Theatre Prod.Ross, LisaNo Exam Scheduled
ENGL3326A1The 17th CenturySmith, LeslieNo exam scheduled
ENGL3343AAdvanced Old EnglishSchutz, AndreaNo Exam Scheduled
ENGL3356A1Arthurian LiteratureSchutz, AndreaNo Exam Scheduled
ENGL3363AThe Romantic Period IMcKim, ElizabethNo Exam Scheduled
ENGL3416A1American LiteratureRobinson, MatthewGMH 304Saturday, December 16, 2:00pm
ENGL3433AWorld Literature ITremblay, AnthonyECH G11Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
ENGL3453ARoots of Canadian TheatrePrescott, JoshuaNo Exam Scheduled
ENGL3483AIrish FilmDonovan, StewartBMH 101Thursday, December 14, 2:00pm
ENGL3723AJane AustenWoodworth, MeganMMH 202Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am
ENGL4336A1The InklingsSchutz, AndreaNo Exam Scheduled
ENGL4736A1Topics:Medieval Epic &RomanceSchutz, AndreaNo Exam Scheduled
ENVS1013AIntro. to Environmental Prob.Harvey, JaniceECH 120Monday, December 11, 9:00am
ENVS1013BIntro. to Environmental Prob.Harvey, JaniceMMH 308Monday, December 11, 2:00pm
ESL1013AEng for Acad: Read and Writ IVan Den Broeck, ChrisMMH 201Monday, December 11, 9:00am
ESL1023AEng for Acad: Read and Writ IIRobinson-Smith, AnthonyMMH 201Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am
ESL1033AEng for Acad: Speak and List IVan Den Broeck, ChrisMMH 201Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
ESL1043AEng for Acad: Speak and Lis IIVan Den Broeck, ChrisMMH 201Saturday, December 16, 2:00pm
ESL2213AAdv. Eng. for Acad. Purposes IJames, ArthurHCH 7Tuesday, December 12, 2:00pm
ESL2223AAdv. Eng. for Acad. Purpose IIJames, ArthurHCH 7Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
FNAR1023AMusic Theory and PerformanceKutnowski, MartinMMH 101Friday, December 15, 7:00pm
FNAR1051A1STU Singers ISimonds, RossNo Exam Scheduled
FNAR1083AVoice TechniqueSimonds, RossNo Exam Scheduled
FNAR1113APractical Intro. to Art Fund.Forrestall, WilliamJDH 212Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
FNAR1303AThe Guitar in Western MusicPeacock, StevenMMH 101Saturday, December 16, 2:00pm
FNAR2013AUnderstanding MusicKutnowski, MartinMMH 101Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
FNAR2043AHot 100:Songwriting/ArrangeKutnowski, MartinMMH 101Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
FNAR2051A1STU Singers IISimonds, RossNo Exam Scheduled
FNAR2136A1Musical Theatre IBreen, TaniaMMH 101Monday, December 11, 9:00am
FNAR2153A1Acting, Singing, Dancing IBreen, TaniaMMH 101Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am
FNAR2413AThe Motorcycle and ArtPeck, RobinJDH 212Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
FNAR2963AActing for Film and TVBreen, TaniaMMH 101Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
FNAR3051A1STU Singers IIISimonds, RossNo Exam Scheduled
FNAR3123ACritical Theory in Cont. ArtsVose-Jones, KimGMH 205Tuesday, December 12, 2:00pm
FNAR3136A1Musical Theatre IIBreen, TaniaMMH 101Monday, December 11, 9:00am
FNAR3153A1Acting, Singing, Dancing IIBreen, TaniaMMH 101Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am
FNAR3323AEntropy and the New MonumentsPeck, RobinJDH 212Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
FNAR4051A1STU Singers IVSimonds, RossNo Exam Scheduled
FNAR4136A1Musical Theatre IIIBreen, TaniaMMH 101Monday, December 11, 9:00am
FNAR4153A1Acting, Singing, Dancing IIIBreen, TaniaMMH 101Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am
FREN1016A1Langue Francaise 1Allain, AliceNo Exam Scheduled
FREN1016B1Langue Francaise 1Safty, EssamECH 320Friday, December 15, 2:00pm
FREN1026A1Langue Francaise 2Gaudet, JeannetteNo Exam Scheduled
FREN1026B1Langue Francaise 2Francis, CeciliaNo Exam Scheduled
FREN2113AProse et cinémaFrancis, CeciliaNo Exam Scheduled
FREN2306A1Textes: niveau 2Mbarga, ChristianECH 124Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
FREN2316A1Grammaire Du FrancaisGaudet, JeannetteECH 223Saturday, December 16, 2:00pm
FREN2326A1La CompositionFrancis, CeciliaNo Exam Scheduled
FREN2333AConversational FrenchMbarga, ChristianECH 223Monday, December 11, 7:00pm
FREN3233ATraductionSafty, EssamNo Exam Scheduled
FREN3413AGrammaire AvanceeSafty, EssamNo Exam Scheduled
FREN3433ADe l'oral a l'ecritMbarga, ChristianECH 124Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
FREN3603ACiv. Francophone 1: Europe FrGaudet, JeannetteNo Exam Scheduled
FREN3633ACiv. Franc 4: Afrique Subsah.Mbarga, ChristianECH 124Friday, December 15, 7:00pm
GEND2016A1Intro. to Women's StudiesFredericks, ErinNo Exam Scheduled
GERO1013AIntroduction to GerontologyDurkee Lloyd, JanetNo Exam Scheduled
GERO1013BIntroduction to GerontologyDurkee Lloyd, JanetNo Exam Scheduled
GERO2673AAdult Development & AgingRandall, WilliamMMH 308Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
GERO3023AAging and HealthRandall, WilliamJDH 205Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
GERO3033AAging and SpiritualityIrwin-Kenyon, GaryNo Exam Scheduled
GERO3053AQualitative Research MethodsCaissie, LindaNo Exam Scheduled
GERO3073ANarrative GerontologyRandall, WilliamMMH 204Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
GERO3223AFamily Ties in Later LifeDurkee Lloyd, JanetNo Exam Scheduled
GERO3233AAging and Tai ChiIrwin-Kenyon, GaryNo Exam Scheduled
GERO3743ACritical Appr. to Nursing HomeCaissie, LindaNo Exam Scheduled
GERO4013ASeminar in GerontologyIrwin-Kenyon, GaryNo Exam Scheduled
GRID2006AThe Quest for the Good LifeDinan, MatthewHCH 5Saturday, December 16, 2:00pm
GRID3606AFaith and ReasonHall, AlanHCH 5Monday, December 11, 9:00am
GRID4903AHonours SeminarDinan, MatthewMMH 201Friday, December 15, 9:00am
HIST1006A1World HistoryRobert, KarenNo Exam Scheduled
HIST1006B1World HistoryWalhain, LucJDH G1Monday, December 11, 9:00am
HIST1013AWorld History IWatt, CareyBMH 102Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
HIST2003AExploring HistoryWatt, CareyECH 223Friday, December 15, 9:00am
HIST2043AModern EuropeTorrie, JuliaJDH G5Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
HIST2103AThe Material WorldCross, BradleyECH 120Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
HIST2133APrecolonial AfricaGebrekidan, FikruECH 223Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
HIST2206A1History of the Middle AgesMullin, JanetJDH G5Friday, December 15, 7:00pm
HIST3113AModern and Revolutionary ChinaWalhain, LucJDH 205Friday, December 15, 9:00am
HIST3203AThe Briti. Atlan. WorldHuskins, BonnieECH G14Thursday, December 14, 2:00pm
HIST3553AThe History WorkshopRobert, KarenNo Exam Scheduled
HIST3643ARace and Racism in Modern HistGebrekidan, FikruECH 124Tuesday, December 12, 2:00pm
HIST3743AUnited States:Since 1945Cross, BradleyECH G11Tuesday, December 12, 2:00pm
HIST3773AUrban North AmericaCross, BradleyJDH 205Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
HIST4026A1Food in World HistoryTorrie, JuliaNo Exam Scheduled
HIST4196A1Peoples History of KoreaWalhain, LucECH 320Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
HMRT1006A1Introduction to Human RightsSzurlej, ChristinaNo Exam Scheduled
HMRT1006B1Introduction to Human RightsDipaolo O'Brien, AmandaJDH G1Friday, December 15, 9:00am
HMRT1006C1Introduction to Human RightsComeau, MichaelNo Exam Scheduled
HMRT1006D1Introduction to Human RightsSzurlej, ChristinaNo Exam Scheduled
HMRT2043ANon-Western PerspectivesWilkie, RodgerJDH G2Friday, December 15, 9:00am
HMRT3063ACrimes Against HumanitySzurlej, ChristinaMMH 307Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
HMRT3503AMoot CourtDipaolo O'Brien, AmandaMMH 106Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
HMRT3513AMoot Court IIDipaolo O'Brien, AmandaMMH 102Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
HMRT3523AMoot Court IIIDipaolo O'Brien, AmandaMMH 201Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
HMRT3603A1Thesis ProposalDipaolo O'Brien, AmandaMMH 204Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
HMRT3633AGender ExpressionRipley, AJNo Exam Scheduled
HMRT4013ACapstone SeminarSzurlej, ChristinaMMH 102Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
INTR4016A1Interdis. Honours ThesisGillies, JamesTBA TBANo Exam Scheduled
IRSH2006A1Intro. to Irish StudiesNolan, LorraineNo Exam Scheduled
IRSH2173AIrish Language and Culture ISmith, IanGMH 207Friday, December 15, 9:00am
ITAL1006A1Introduction to ItalianTemelini, MarkECH G11Saturday, December 16, 2:00pm
ITAL2013AIntermediate Italian ITemelini, MarkECH G11Monday, December 11, 2:00pm
JOUR1113AFundamentals of Effective WritLee, PhilipMMH 106Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
JOUR1113BFundamentals of Effective WritCamp, MichaelNo Exam Scheduled
JOUR2063AMedia, Ethics and the LawCamp, MichaelNo Exam Scheduled
JOUR2113AThe Toolbox I - New MediaDickson, DonaldNo Exam Scheduled
JOUR3013AThrough the LensDickson, DonaldNo Exam Scheduled
JOUR3153ADigital JournalismTunney, MarkCBC CBCThursday, December 14, 2:00pm
JOUR4106A1Senior Seminar in JournalismLee, PhilipMMH 309Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
JOUR4116A1Journalism in the FieldLee, PhilipMMH 309Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
JPNS1013AIntroductory Japanese INishijima, MichikoNo Exam Scheduled
JPNS2013AJapanese II, Part 1Nishijima, MichikoNo Exam Scheduled
LATI1013AIntroduction to Latin IJames, ArthurGMH 204Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
MATH1013AIntroduction to Calculus IGupta, SaritaECH G14Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
MATH2213ALinear AlgebraAbbandonato, ChristopherGMH 205Friday, December 15, 2:00pm
NATI1006A1Intro to Native StudiesLandry, MarkNo Exam Scheduled
NATI2503AResearch Strat. in Native StudChrisjohn, RolandHCH 200Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
NATI3643AMi'kmaq HistoryLandry, MarkGMH 304Wednesday, December 13, 7:00pm
NATI3703AIndigen.Econ&The Idea Develop.Chrisjohn, RolandHCH 200Tuesday, December 12, 7:00pm
NATI3823ANative Peoples and RacismChrisjohn, RolandHCH 200Friday, December 15, 7:00pm
PHIL1013AIntro. to Philosophy IGilbert-Walsh, JamesGMH 304Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
PHIL1013BIntro. to Philosophy IRanger, Jean-PhilippeBMH 103Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
PHIL1033AAtheism: An Intro. to Phil.Stapleford, ScottJDH G5Tuesday, December 12, 2:00pm
PHIL2113AAncient Phil. IRanger, Jean-PhilippeTake Home Exam due Dec.14, 9:00am
PHIL3613AKantGilbert-Walsh, JamesHCH 200Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
PHIL3633AMarxGilbert-Walsh, JamesHCH 200Tuesday, December 12, 2:00pm
PHIL3683AEpistemologyStapleford, ScottMMH 307Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
POLS1103ACanadian GovernmentHorgan, GerardECH G12Tuesday, December 12, 2:00pm
POLS1103BCanadian GovernmentOuellette, PhillippeMMH 202Thursday, December 14, 7:00pm
POLS1603AGlobal PoliticsHorgan, GerardECH G12Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
POLS1603BGlobal PoliticsMasciulli, JosephJDH G2Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am
POLS2303AComp Politics Developed WorldHorgan, GerardTake Home Exam due Dec. 15
POLS2613AInternational Relations INarine, ShaunMMH 203Saturday, December 16, 2:00pm
POLS2803AWestern Tradition IBarry, ConorMMH 202Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
POLS3203ACanadian Provincial PoliticsCochrane, DennisMMH 307Thursday, December 14, 2:00pm
POLS3306A1U.S. Government and PoliticsMalcolmson, PatrickMMH 307Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
POLS3523AIntern. Relations Asia/PacificNarine, ShaunHCH 200Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
POLS3533ACanadian Foreign PolicyNarine, ShaunHCH 200Friday, December 15, 9:00am
POLS3613A1Model United NationsMcAnany, StephanieMMH 201Wednesday, December 13, 7:00pm
POLS4013ISIs: Methods of Pol. InquiryDinan, Matthew Political PhilosophyMalcolmson, PatrickHCH 5Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
POLS4903ACapstone SeminarMalcolmson, PatrickHCH 5Tuesday, December 12, 7:00pm
PSYC1013AIntro. to Psychology IFraser, IanJDH G1Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
PSYC1013BIntro. to Psychology IGunn, CarlaMMH 308Monday, December 11, 9:00am
PSYC1013CIntro. to Psychology IGunn, CarlaMMH 308Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am
PSYC1013DIntro. to Psychology IGunn, CarlaMMH 308Friday, December 15, 7:00pm
PSYC1023AIntro. to Psychology IILafrance, MichelleNo Exam Scheduled
PSYC1023BIntro. to Psychology IILafrance, MichelleNo Exam Scheduled
PSYC1023CIntro. to Psychology IIRandall, HilaryBMH 101Monday, December 11, 9:00am
PSYC2013AIntroduction to StatisticsClaybourn, MarvinBMH 102Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
PSYC2013BIntroduction to StatisticsClaybourn, MarvinGMH 304Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
PSYC2023AIntro to Research MethodsHiggins, NancyNo Exam Scheduled
PSYC2023BIntro to Research MethodsBourque, WendyMMH 203Friday, December 15, 9:00am
PSYC2113ASensationBancroft, TylerBMH 103Friday, December 15, 2:00pm
PSYC2123APerceptionBourque, WendyMMH 203Monday, December 11, 2:00pm
PSYC2153ABiological PsychologyBancroft, TylerJDH G2Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
PSYC2163ADrugs and BehaviourBourque, WendyMMH 203Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am
PSYC2183AHuman SexualityStelzl, MonikaJDH G2Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
PSYC2233APsychology and the LawFraser, IanJDH G1Thursday, December 14, 2:00pm
PSYC2263ACognitive PsychologyThomson, SandraJDH G1Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
PSYC2413ASocial PsychologyHiggins, NancyNo Exam Scheduled
PSYC2413BSocial PsychologyRandall, HilaryJDH G1Friday, December 15, 2:00pm
PSYC2613ADevelopmental: Phys &EmotionalPrior, SuzanneJDH G2Friday, December 15, 2:00pm
PSYC2613BDevelopmental: Phys &EmotionalRandall, HilaryJDH G1Saturday, December 16, 2:00pm
PSYC2623ADevelopmental: Cognitive & SocPrior, SuzanneJDH G1Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
PSYC2643AAbnormal PsychologyBowes, AndreaGMH 304Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am
PSYC2643BAbnormal PsychologyCostello, LeslieJDH G1Thursday, December 14, 7:00pm
PSYC3213ABehaviour ModificationKorotkov, DavidGMH 301Tuesday, December 12, 2:00pm
PSYC3213BBehaviour ModificationKorotkov, DavidGMH 301Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
PSYC3223AHealth PsychologyKorotkov, DavidJDH G1Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
PSYC3273AHuman MemoryThomson, SandraECH 103Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
PSYC3933AAdvanced StatisticsClaybourn, MarvinJDH 205Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
PSYC3963AHistory of PsychologyNicholson, IanNo Exam Scheduled
PSYC4223ASeminar in Psyc and LawFraser, IanHCH 5Friday, December 15, 7:00pm
PSYC4493ASeminar: Men and MasculinityNicholson, IanNo Exam Scheduled
PSYC4513ASeminar in Popular PsychologyBancroft, TylerNo Exam Scheduled
PSYC4996A1Honours ThesisStelzl, MonikaNo Exam Scheduled
RELG1006A1Intro to Religious StudiesSimon, DerekTake Home Exam due Dec. 11, 9:00am
RELG1006B1Intro to Religious StudiesSimon, DerekTake Home Exam due Dec.12, 2:00pm
RELG1006C1Intro to Religious StudiesDunham, ScottNo Exam Scheduled
RELG2133AReligion & EcologySimon, DerekNo Exam Scheduled
RELG2333AIntro to the New TestamentSimon, DerekTake Home Exam due Dec.14, 2:00pm
SCWK5013AGroup Work Theory and DesignDuffett-Weeks, Heather
SCWK5013BGroup Work Theory and DesignBaldwin, Clive
SCWK5013CGroup Work Theory and DesignMcGeachy, Janet
SCWK5013MMDGroup Work Theory and DesignMcGeachy, Janet
SCWK5013MMEGroup Work Theory and DesigndeVink, Sandra
SCWK5023AThe Prof. of Scwk in ContextWilkins, Barbara
SCWK5023BThe Prof. of Scwk in ContextWilkins, Barbara
SCWK5023MMThe Prof. of Scwk in ContextHanson, Merri-Lee
SCWK5036ATheory for Social Work Pract.ILewey, Laurel
SCWK5036BTheory for Social Work Pract.IAllison, Anne-Drea
SCWK5036MM1Theory for Social Work Pract.IDupre, Marilyn
SCWK5083AField Instruction IILewey, Laurel
SCWK5083BField Instruction IIWeeks, Murray
SCWK5083CField Instruction IIFriars, Gaila
SCWK5083DField Instruction IIMcGeachy, Janet
SCWK5083EField Instruction IIWilkins, Barbara
SCWK5116AGeneralist Scwk Pract. SkillsHotte, Jenni
SCWK5116BGeneralist Scwk Pract. SkillsWilkins, Barbara
SCWK5213AFundamentals of Comm. Organ.Jamal, Aamir
SCWK5213BFundamentals of Comm. Organ.Jamal, Aamir
SCWK5323ASocial Policy-Issues & GlobalJamal, Aamir
SCWK5323BSocial Policy-Issues & GlobalJamal, Aamir
SCWK5723AChild WelfareMatthews, Peter
SCWK5853AMental Health IssuesDuffett-Weeks, Heather
SCWK5863ASocial Work and AddictionsWeeks, Murray
SCWK5923ATrauma & Social Work PracticeHiscock, Laura
SOCI1006A1Introduction to SociologyAllain, KristiJDH G2Monday, December 11, 9:00am
SOCI1006B1Introduction to SociologyFredericks, ErinNo Exam Scheduled
SOCI1006C1Introduction to SociologyAllain, KristiMMH 308Saturday, December 16, 2:00pm
SOCI1006D1Introduction to SociologyLuke, AlisonMMH 203Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
SOCI1006E1Introduction to SociologyCaliskan, GulhanimBMH 103Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
SOCI1006F1Introduction to SociologyMcCoy, RobertJDH G2Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
SOCI2013AResearch DesignSeifert, RoisinBMH 103Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
SOCI2023AIntroduction to StatisticsLuke, AlisonBMH 103Saturday, December 16, 2:00pm
SOCI2033AClassical Sociological TheoryKelly, ColmJDH 205Friday, December 15, 7:00pm
SOCI2033BClassical Sociological TheoryHayes, MatthewJDH G5Tuesday, December 12, 9:00am
SOCI2116A1Sociology of Atlantic CanadaCurtis Maillet, DonnaMMH 202Friday, December 15, 9:00am
SOCI2313ADevianceRawlinson, EdBMH 102Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am
SOCI2416A1Inequality in SocietyFleming, MichaelTake Home Exam due Dec. 15, 2:00pm
SOCI2423ASocial Problems IRawlinson, EdBMH 101Tuesday, December 12, 2:00pm
SOCI2563ASociology of SportHersey, CorinneECH G12Saturday, December 16, 9:00am
SOCI2633ASociology of the FamilyHersey, CorinneECH G12Monday, December 11, 7:00pm
SOCI3113APolitical SociologyFleming, MichaelNo Exam Scheduled
SOCI3123ASocial MovementsHersey, CorinneGMH 204Friday, December 15, 2:00pm
SOCI3223AGlobalization and GenderCaliskan, GulhanimECH G11Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
SOCI3513ASociology of Education Weeks, PeterECH 320Friday, December 15, 9:00am
SOCI3693ADiscourse and SocietyWeeks, PeterGMH 204Thursday, December 14, 2:00pm
SOCI4013ASenior SeminarHayes, MatthewECH 124Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
SOCI4013BSenior SeminarCaliskan, GulhanimECH G11Thursday, December 14, 9:00am
SOCI4023AHonours WorkshopMachum, SusanNo Exam Scheduled
SOCI4033AAdvanced Sociological TheoryKelly, ColmNo Exam Schedule
SPAN1006A1Beginning SpanishBasabe, OmarECH G14Saturday, December 16, 2:00pm
SPAN1006B1Beginning SpanishBasabe, OmarECH G14Monday, December 11, 2:00pm
SPAN1006C1Beginning SpanishSainz, HaydeeNo Exam Scheduled
SPAN1006D1Beginning SpanishSainz, HaydeeNo Exam Scheduled
SPAN2013AIntermediate Spanish IBasabe, OmarECH G14Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am
SPAN2413AOral Intense ISainz, HaydeeNo Exam Scheduled
SPAN3513AAdvanced Grammar IBasabe, OmarECH G14Friday, December 15, 9:00am
SPAN4723ALatin Amer. Women's LiteratureSainz, HaydeeNo Exam Scheduled
SPAN4843A20th C Span-Amer Cult. & TextBasabe, OmarECH 320Monday, December 11, 9:00am
STS1003AScience, Tech. and Society IWisniewski, AngelaNo Exam Scheduled
STS1503APrinciples of Biology ILangmaid, WilfredECH TD-AudFriday, December 15, 7:00pm
STS2103AScience, Tech. and Society IIJenkins, JaneTake Home Exam
STS2243AScience & Tech. in World Hist.Jenkins, JaneMMH 307Friday, December 15, 2:00pm
STS2413AScience, Tech. & InnovationWisniewski, AngelaJDH 205Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am
STS3303ASex, Science & GenderWisniewski, AngelaMMH 308Tuesday, December 12, 2:00pm
STS3413AGod, Nature, & Charles DarwinJenkins, JaneMMH 106Friday, December 15, 7:00pm
STS3433AWriting WorkshopJenkins, JaneMMH 309Wednesday, December 13, 2:00pm
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