Alumni Weekend Attendees

This is a list of Alumni Weekend registrants who have given us consent to share their name. The list is updated once a week. Want to share with your classmates that you're coming but don't see your name on the list? Send us an email at! Haven't registered yet? Click HERE.

Jane Asher, BA'72, BSW'86
Bob Bowes, BA'67, BEd'68
Roger Clinch, BA'68
Anne Doyle, BA'69
Bill Hay, BA'69, BEd'71
Bernie Keating, BA'62, BEd'63
Charles Ramsey, BA'67, and guest Linda MacPherson
Bill Richardson, BA'69, BEd'71
Lloyd Sutherland, BA'67, and guest Murielle Leblanc Sutherland

Charlotte Casey, BA'76, BEd'77
James Creamer, BA'77, BEd'78, and guest Maureen Creamer
Mike Graham, BA'71, BEd'74
David Gauthier, BA'79
Maria Henheffer, BA'77, and guest John Henheffer
Margaret Layden-Oreto, BA'72, BEd'73
Dennis Livingstone, BA'73
Callum MacPhee, BA'70, BEd'72
Mary McCann, BA'77
Rev. Douglas McNeill, BA'77
Tony Oreto, BA'72
Hope Ann Richardson, BA'77, BEd'78
Dawn Russell, BA'77 and guest Bill Johnson
Harold Russell, BA'75, BEd'76 and guest Patricia Russell
Jeanne Smith, BA'76
Margie Tracy, BA'75
Ted Tweedie, BA'75, BEd'76
Dolores Whalen, BT'70


Wanda Bearresto, BA'87
Don Bosse, BA'82, BEd'83
Lori Burns, BA'87
Greg Byrne, BA'84
Mike Comeau, BA'89
Valerie DeLong, BSW'86
Kevin Doucet, BSW'85
Stephen Drost, BSW'87
Robert Fisher, BA'80
Bob Francis, BA'87
Eileen Gauthier, BSW'82

Anna Grant, BA'87
Lynn (Neill) Gulliver, BSW' 87, and guest Curry Alders
Elizabeth Jefferson, BSW'82
Sharon Johnston, BSW'87

Mary Kelly, BA'89
Jodi Stranach LeClair, BSW'87 and guest Corry LeClair
Laurel Lewey, BSW'83
Heather MacDonald-Bosse BA'82, BEd'83
Donna MacKinnon, CGR'82
Joan McGowan, BSW'87
Marsha McGarvie, BA'87
Shelley Murray, BSW'87
Deborah Prosser, BSW'85


Vicki Coy, BSW'98
Dawne Clarke, BA'95
Shauna Foote, BA'97

Karen Kozak, BA'97, and guest Dale Kozak
Anna McGivery, BSW'91
Karla O'Regan, BA'98
Kerri Shaw, BA'92 and guest Terry Shaw

Mylene Wood, BA'92, BEd'94



Jacqueline (LeBlanc) Cormier, BA'08
Janet Crawford, BSW'00
Peter Cullen, BEd'06
Anne Dance, BA'07

Marc Daigle, BA'04
Margaret (Peggy) Dinan, BA'02
Amanda DiPaolo, BA'01
Julie Gallant Daigle, BSW'06

Stephanie Guignion, BEd'02
Sarah Jeffries-Perry, BA'03
Miguel LeBlanc, BSW'03
Karolyn Martin, BA'09, BSW'14
Mary Ann (Murphy) Melvin, BA'07, BEd'08 and guest Michael Melvin
Saba Morales, BA'07, BEd'08 and guest Otto Morales
Tricia Morris, BA'09
Shannon Myers, BA'02
Ian Rice, BSW'00
Jeff Richardson, BA'01

Kate (Creamer) Robar, BA'07, BEd'09
Steven Robar, BA'06
Nicole Smith, BA'06


Danielle Andrus, BA'14
Katie Bettle, BSW'16
Adam Blanchard, BA'17
Aleisha Bosch, BA'12
Steven Butler, BA'14
Emily Cochrane, BA'11
Chelsey Davidson, AAC'14, BA'15
M. Alex Driscoll, BA'14
Sara Driscoll, BA'16
Amanda Gallant, BA'12, BSW'14
Jillian Hawkes, BA'17
Isabella Horswill, BA'17
Becky Kaley, BA'11, BSW'13
Anna Larmer, BA'11
Hilary LeBlanc, BSW'10
Tyler Lifford, BA'17
Mark Livingstone, BA'12
Amy MacKenzie, BA'12
Megan MacLeod, BA'16
Jacqueline McKnight, BA'16
Rachel Mills, BA'10, BSW'12
Serena Smith, BSW'14
Jenny Thornhill, BA'12, BSW'14
Jeremy Trevors, BA'15
Camila Vasquez, BA'12

Other Attendees

Jodi Misheal
Claude Savoie
Mike Stapenhurst