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Scholarship Opportunity: A Place for Mom's Senior Wisdom Video Scholarship

PUBLISHED DATE: Friday, July 27, 2018
A Place for Mom is offering a scholarship to university students interested in the fields of aging and gerontology.

The scholarship, valued at $1,000, will be awarded to a citizen or a Permanent Resident of the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec) who is enrolled and currently taking classes at an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec).

For more information, click  here.

Peer Mentoring Program: First-Year Mentee Registration by Sept. 7

PUBLISHED DATE: Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Whether it’s juggling a busy class schedule, figuring out how to study effectively or balancing a social life, adapting to university will be an exciting challenge. That’s why we have a peer mentoring program. No one knows how to successfully navigate university life better than a student who has gone through it too.
We connect first-year students (mentees) with senior students (mentors) trained to help with the transition into university life. The mentor will be a support network, listen non-judgmentally, assist with goal setting and connect first-year students with opportunities on campus. Mentors and mentees meet once a week to touch base, talk about any challenges and build connections.  

Rewards for Peer Mentees
  • Manage stress and maintain a sense of well-being
  • Feel a sense of belonging on campus
  • Receive academic support like study skills and time management
  • Develop meaningful connections with other students, staff and faculty members
  • Increase awareness and use of support services
For more information on being a mentee, please see the link found at the end of this page.

To register as a mentee, click the form below. 

Peer Mentee Registration

Benefits of Being a Peer Mentor
  • Meaningful professional development experience
  • Training in active listening, effective communications, and referral skills
  • Resume writing workshop for mentors
  • Reference letter from Student Services
For more information on becoming a peer mentor, click the link at the end of this page. 

To register as a peer mentor, click the form below. 

Peer Mentor Registration 

Contact Information
Robyn Metcalfe
Peer Mentor Program Student Coordinator
(506) 460-0300
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Mentor online Description.docx