Current Students

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with me to residence?

All of our residence rooms are equipped with a desk, chair, bookshelf, bed, mattress, closet space, lighting, cable connection, wireless internet connection and a telephone with free long distance within Canada. Although we provide students with a furnished space, many bring items from home that will help personalize the area. Suggestions include: books, cds, posters, towels, toiletries, a mini-fridge, a small television, school supplies, sports equipment, a whiteboard, personal dishes and linen to furnish your bed.

If you do not want to take your bed linens from home, the University has partnered with Campus Linens of Canada to allow you to order linens online that will be shipped to your residence room and waiting for you when you arrive. To take advantage of this opportunity, visit and look for the St. Thomas section.

Please do not bring toasters or any appliances with an open element, candles or incense, pets (except for tropical fish), or a 2.4 GHz cordless telephone (which can interfere with the wireless internet).

Can I move in early?

Early arrivals will be processed on a case by case basis. The early arrival application form is available here:

What are the quiet hours?

Sunday to Thursday, moderate quiet hours starts from 10:00 pm and absolute quiet hours start from 12:00 pm to 8:00 am. Friday and Saturday, moderate quiet hours begin at 12:00 am, and absolute quiet hours are in place from 2:00 am to 10:00 am.

What is the process if I want to change rooms?

To best serve the more than 700 students within residence life, there is a process in place for any student wishing to change rooms. For the first three weeks of each semester, there will be a room freeze to allow students an opportunity to settle in and allow for an inventory of spaces to be made optimizing student options if a room change is requested.

Firstly, it is important to discuss issues with your roommate. University, especially your first year can be a big adjustment. Often, problems can be resolved through open communication. If this is done with no success, you can contact your Residence Coordinator to schedule a meeting to discuss your issue. You can expect the Residence Coordinator to talk through different techniques on addressing potential roommate issues (i.e. mediation) before options about room changes are presented. Mediation must take place before a room change is considered.

If it is deemed necessary to make a room change, the proper paperwork must be completed. The Residence Life Office will have a Room Change Request form that must be completed. If your request to change rooms is approved, it must be submitted to the Residence Life Office (GMH 303). Opportunities to change rooms will vary depending on space and limitations. All room changes must be approved by the Residence Life Office and residents will be charged a $35.00 Room Change Fee (per person) for approved changes that take place during the academic year.

Is smoking permitted in residence?

Smoking is not permitted within residence. However, there is a marked designated smoking area located outside each residence.

How do the meal plans work?

St. Thomas University offers All You Care To Eat Dining on campus to allow students to enjoy visits to either the George Martin or Forest Hill Dining Halls to the fullest. All You Care To Eat meal plans mean that once you have swiped yourself in to the dining hall with your student ID/meal card, you are able to enjoy as much or as little food as you wish without worrying about the costs of individual items. There are three meal plan options, for additional information please click here.

What if I had dietary restrictions?

Students who have special dietary requirements can call Food Services directly at (506) 460-0310 or email in early fall/spring to make arrangements for specific dietary needs.

What happens if I lose my meal card ?

Notify the Food Services Office at (506) 460-0310 or e-mail as soon as possible. A stop will be put on the card and a temporary card will be issued.

Are there kitchens in residences?

Yes, there is a kitchen in every residence.

What are the visitation policies/procedures/guidelines?

Residents are welcome to have guests during the academic year (with the exception of holidays and exam times). All overnight guest must be signed in. Sign in sheets are available from your Residence Advisors. Specific policies are outline in our Residence Guide.

What if I want to leave residence during the academic year?

When you sign the Residence Agreement and accept a residence placement, you are committing to remain in residence for the entirety of the academic year. If you decide to withdraw from residence during the academic year, you will still be financially responsible for residence and meal plan fees. You may not rent the room out to anyone else.

Students wishing to withdraw from residence must begin the process with a Residence Manager, located in George Martin Hall 303. The withdrawal is not effective until the Director of Student Services and Residence Life has approved the withdrawal request. The date of the withdrawal for the purpose of fee administration will be the date this approval is given, or the date the student has checked out of residence and returned their keys, whichever is later. The student's account will be adjusted to reflect residence as follows:

September: pay 40% of the full year cost
October: pay 50% of the full year cost
November: pay 60% of the full year cost
December: pay 70% of the full year cost
January: pay 80% of the full year cost
February: pay 90% of the full year cost
March: pay 100% of the full year cost
April: pay 100% of the full year cost

Students entering residence for only one term will have their accounts adjusted to reflect residence charges as follows:

September or January: pay 50% of term cost
October or February: pay 75% of term cost
November or March: pay 95% of term cost
December or April: pay 100% of term cost

In the case of a withdrawal, a student’s house dues and laundry fees will also be forfeited. Please note, this policy is only applicable to withdrawals taking place during the 2016-17 academic year.

Is there parking for residents?

Parking is available for residence and non-residence students. Parking passes are purchased through UNB Security. Parking passes are not required to park at the Forest Hill Residences.

Residence renovations?

Harrington Hall is currently undergoing renovations and will be "off site" for the 2016-17 academic year. We are very excited for the grand re-opening that will take place September 2017.

Where do I go for additional information?

The Residence Life Office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The office is located at 51 Dineen Drive in George Martin Hall, 303. For further information, you may contact the office at (506) 452-0578 during regular business hours.