Current Students


Living in residence is an important part of the university experience for many students. Residence is a place to develop life skills and lasting friendships.

For students leaving home for the first time, living in residence is a comfortable first step to successful independence. Residence rooms are equipped with wireless internet, cable services and free long distance calling within Canada. Each residence has shared study areas, TV lounges, laundry facilities and snack machines. Quiet hours are in place every day for study and sleep. Upper campus is patrolled 24/7 by full-time security staff while a dedicated security staff member is in the Forest Hill residence between 10 pm and 6 am. Each residence has an RA is on duty from 8 pm-8 am every day.

Upper Campus Residences

St. Thomas has three upper campus residences that accommodate 480 students:

Holy Cross House

Our smallest house on campus, Holy Cross House is located in the upper courtyard of campus. The two sides of the building are dedicated to residence rooms, while the inside of the building houses faculty offices, classrooms, and the university chapel. Students living in Holy Cross House have a shared kitchen space; residents share a bathroom with students in their wings. The house is adjacent to the Holy Cross House parking lot on Montgomery Street.

Vanier Hall

Vanier Hall is the only all-female residence at St. Thomas. Vanier is located beside George Martin Hall, allowing convenient access to the main dining hall, all classes, the fitness centre, Student Services offices, faculty offices, the Vanier Hall parking lot, and many study spaces. Students who live in Vanier enjoy a communal lounge, as well as a shared kitchen space. Residents share bathrooms with others living in their wings.

Harrington Hall

During the 2016-2017 academic year, Harrington Hall will be undergoing renovations, which will include upgrades to electrical and plumbing, insulation and surfaces, bathrooms, kitchens, and shared lounge spaces, as well as the addition of updated, modern furniture, new flooring, and more. During this time, Harrington will "live" in a dedication section of Vanier Hall, but will maintain its spirit on campus. Harrington Raiders will represent their house at events such as the Welcome Week Cheer Off. Harrington is located on the upper campus, next to George Martin Hall and the Welcome Building (Duffie Hall). It is a co-ed house with quick access to classes, offices, the dining hall and other food services locations, the fitness centre, and study spaces. It offers single and double rooms. Harrington is home to the Raiders.

Lower Campus Residences

The Forest Hill Complex is located about 12-minutes walking distance from the main campus; the city bus (bus pass included in STU tuition) stops at this location regularly and goes to campus:

Chatham Hall

Chatham Hall, the newest residence at St. Thomas, is tucked behind Rigby Hall on Forest Hill Road at St. Thomas University's lower campus. Shared kitchen space and a communal lounge help foster a closeness among residents. Chatham also offers elevator access to upper floors. Students living in this residence enjoy private bathrooms in each room with stand-up showers. Chatham residents are able to access the Rigby Hall dining hall for meals, as well as the George Martin Hall dining hall while they are on campus.

Rigby Hall

Rigby Hall offers students the convenience of attending the Forest Hill dining hall without leaving the building. Rigby also offers many residents either balcony views of the Saint John River, or direct access to outside from their rooms. Rigby residents enjoy private bathrooms with full bathtubs.

Windsor Street Housing

St. Thomas University offers upper-year student housing in the Windsor Street residences. There are six homes owned and operated by the University, consisting of 3-6 bedrooms each depending on the house. Students living in these spaces have their own bedrooms and a shared kitchen, living room, and bathroom. All houses come furnished (with basic furnishings) and have laundry. Residence fees include telephone, cable, internet, and electricity. Use of the washer and dryers are free (no coin operated machines), though residents pay a $65.00 laundry fee with their residence fees. Windsor Street residences are ideal for upper-year students looking to live with increased independence within a supportive residence community.


All St. Thomas residences are patrolled by security on a daily basis from 9:00 pm until 5:00 am the next day. Security guards patrol all the buildings on upper and campus, both inside the buildings and the surrounding areas. While on patrol, the Residence Advisor on Duty will report any suspicious or suspect incidents or behaviour to the Security Officer on duty or Security headquarters. As well, security contact information is posted outside each Residence Advisor's room door.