**If interested in this opportunity, please contact this organization directly 

Organization Name: The Ville Cooperative

Category: Food Security/Agriculture 

Volunteer Position: Indoor Agriculture Technician, Outdoor Agriculture Technician

Volunteer Description: 

-Building indoor grow systems(aquaponics, vermiponics, hydroponics, lighting, and other grow equipment)

-Maintaining greenhouse and indoor grow room plants and equipment (working with water, fish,plants, lighting, ventilation, passive-solar technology)

-Prepping soil and plants for following outdoor summer season (mulching, compost spreading, building raised beds)

-Building honeybee-hives 

-Composting (working with vermicomposting on site)

Time Commitment: minimum 3 hours/week, preferably more.

Contact Person: Hartley Prosser, Urban Agriculture Coordinator

E-Mail: info@theville.ca

Phone Number: 506-721-1496