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FILM -- A Bold Peace: Costa Rica's Path of Demilitarization

DATE:   19/4/18
TIME:   7:00 PM
LOCATION:   Unitarian Fellowship of Fredericton

A Bold Peace: Costa Rica's Path of Demilitarization is a story of Costa Rica's 65-year long experiment in living without a military, told through the lives of former presidents, current leaders, scholars, activists, and ordinary Costa Ricans. It is a bold peace: riveted by a history of two military incursions into this country with no army; inspired by the unseemly leadership of this small nation that led peace efforts in Central America; and moved by courageous initiatives as this tropical country envisions living carbon neutral by 2021.
All are welcome!

Book Launch -- The Case for Gravity

DATE:   23/4/18
TIME:   1:30 PM
LOCATION:   Rotunda, Brian Mulroney Hall

The Department of Fine Arts, the Office of Research Services, and Xeno-Optic Press are pleased to announce the launch of “The Case for Gravity”—a book by New Brunswick artist Colin Smith.
The launch will take place Monday, April 23 at 1:30 PM in the Rotunda (room 318) in Brian Mulroney Hall.
The book is a result of collaboration between the FNAR 1113 Introduction to Art Fundamentals class and Smith. The Fine Arts class has spent the term developing the book with the New Brunswick artist and cartoonist, who is known for his iconic drawings featured in the Telegraph Journal.
Students in Professor William Forrestall’s FNAR 1113 class sorted through over ten years worth of Smith’s work in developing a selection of drawings that reflect his career in a more focused manner for his first book.
The students worked with Smith in developing a final selection of his drawings, as well as the designer Stephen Hutchings in creating a cover design, page layout, and other elements of the book.
Professor Forrestall initiated the Xeno-Optic project as a means of bringing students into working partnerships with professional artists. The project is supported by St. Thomas University’s Office of Research Services. Artists are able to complete projects that enhance or expand their own creative practice and students gain the invaluable experience of engaging in creative projects with creative professionals.

White Ribbon March

DATE:   3/5/18
TIME:   12:00 PM
LOCATION:   Officer's Square

The annual White Ribbon Fredericton march will take place May 3 at 12:00 pm in Officer's Square.

The march is designed to bring together all genders and provide an opportunity for men to stand up and speak out against violence against women as a sign of solidarity with all the women in their life who experience violence, discrimination, and oppression.

This march has been organized by a passionate group of community members and organizations including the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre.

"Alternative Housing for Seniors" -- A Community Planning Presentation

DATE:   3/5/18
TIME:   2:00 PM
LOCATION:   Garrison Lounge, Regent Hall, Parkland Fredericton

The Third Age Centre is pleased to present “Alternative Housing for Seniors” with Community Planner Daniel Savard of Decodesign on Thursday, May 3, beginning at 2:00 pm at the Garrison Lounge, Regent Hall, Parkland Fredericton.

Mr. Savard has 35 years of experience in urban and community planning and design in the Atlantic Provinces focusing on sustainable community design. The presentation will highlight a community approach to independent living, a wealth-creation strategy to develop affordable housing with social capital, and outline the objectives with healthy aging and senior care and co-housing. A question and answer session will follow.

This is a Third Age presentation with space and refreshments sponsored by Parkland Fredericton. All are welcome!

Please register for this event by emailing or calling 452-0526.

Admission is $5 for TAC members and $10 for Non-members. STU students are free.

NOTE: This event was originally scheduled for February and had to be rescheduled due to icy conditions. If you registered at that time, please re-register.

Workshop on the Philosophy of Johann Nicolaus Tetens

DATE:   4/5/18
TIME:   10:00 AM
LOCATION:   Room 201, McCain Hall

St. Thomas University will host a workshop on the philosophy of Johann Nicolaus Tetens (1736–1807).

Anyone interested in participating should submit an abstract by February 1st, 2018. Abstracts are invited for presentations that engage with any aspect, including the context, content, and reception, of Johann Nikolaus Tetens' 2 volume Philosophische Versuche (1777), for a workshop on this text to be hosted by St. Thomas University, May 4-5, 2018.

To be considered for inclusion on the program, please send a detailed abstract (1-2 pages in length) by February 1st, 2018 to Corey W. Dyck (

Presentation time for accepted papers should not exceed 40 minutes. Organizers: Corey W. Dyck (Western) and Scott Stapleford (St. Thomas University) All visitors are welcome.

Spring Convocation Baccalaureate Mass

DATE:   14/5/18
TIME:   4:00 PM
LOCATION:   Great Hall

The Baccalaureate Mass celebrating the Class of 2018 will be held Monday, May 14 at 4:00 pm in the Great Hall (second floor of George Martin Hall).

Graduates will assemble in Sir James Dunn Hall at 3:45 pm and proceed to the Great Hall along with St. Thomas University Faculty.

All graduates, no matter what faith or non-faith, are welcome to attend.

2018 Spring Convocation

DATE:   15/5/18
TIME:   2:00 PM
LOCATION:   Grant-Harvey Centre

The 2018 Spring Convocation will take place Tuesday, May 15 at 2:00 pm at the Grant-Harvey Centre.

Graduates can pick up their gowns between 9:00 am and 12:30 pm in the Black Box Theatre in Sir James Dunn Hall.

A reception will follow the Convocation ceremony at 4:30 pm in the George Martin Hall dinning room.

Annual Sociology Lecture - Dr. Hamid Dabashi

DATE:   13/9/18
TIME:   7:00 PM
LOCATION:   Location TBD

Dr. Hamid Dabashi will deliver the annual Sociology lecture Thursday, September 13, at 7:00 pm. Location TBD.

Dr. Hamid Dabashi is a Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. His lecture will focus on the sociology of knowledge and postorientalism in the post-truth era.

Dr. Dabashi received a dual Ph.D. in Sociology of Culture and Islamic Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, and was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University.

He has written eighteen books, edited four, and contributed to many more. He’s written over 100 essays, articles, and book reviews ranging in topic from Iranian Studies, medieval and modern Islam, and comparative literature to world cinema and the philosophy of art.

Interdisciplinary Faculty Workshop with Dr. Hamid Dabashi

DATE:   14/9/18
TIME:   2:00 PM
LOCATION:   Location TBD

Dr. Hamid Dabashi will host an interdisciplinary faculty workshop Friday, September 14, at 2:00 pm. Location TBD.

Dr. Dabashi received a dual Ph.D. in Sociology of Culture and Islamic Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, and was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University.

He has written eighteen books, edited four, and contributed to many more. He’s written over 100 essays, articles, and book reviews ranging in topic from Iranian Studies, medieval and modern Islam, and comparative literature to world cinema and the philosophy of art.

Bob Rae to Deliver Vigod Memorial Lecture in Human Rights

DATE:   26/9/18
TIME:   7:00 PM
LOCATION:   Kinsella Auditorium

Politician, lawyer, mediator and writer Bob Rae will deliver the Vigod Memorial Lecture in Human Rights. The lecture will take place on Wednesday, September 26 at 7pm in the Kinsella Auditorium at St. Thomas University. 

Mr. Rae will speak about his role as Special Envoy to Myanmar in the context of the Rohingya crisis.

"We need to stay focused on the Rohingya crisis, and not fall prey to “crisis fatigue”," Mr. Rae wrote. "The agreement between Myanmar and Bangladesh to allow for the repatriation of refugees does not “solve” the issue. The return of any refugee to the place of conflict can only happen, as UN Secretary General puts it, if it is “dignified, voluntary, and secure”, and that won’t happen without UN engagement, clear assurances from both governments, and the active participation of the Rohingya population. Dignity means giving agency to a people too long ignored at best and brutalized at worst. Nor can we lose sight of the need for real dialogue and reconciliation inside Myanmar, a continued attention to the humanitarian crisis in the camps, and more organized efforts to collect information on the key issue of accountability."

Bob Rae was elected eleven times to the House of Commons and the Ontario legislature between 1978 and 2013.  He was Ontario’s 21st Premier from 1990 to 1995, and served as interim leader of the Liberal Party of Canada from 2011 to 2013.

He is working now as a lawyer, negotiator, mediator, and arbitrator, with a particular focus on first nations, aboriginal, and governance issues.  He also teaches at the University of Toronto School of Governance and Public Policy, and is a widely respected writer and commentator.

An author of five books and many studies and reports, Bob Rae is a Privy Councillor, a Companion of the Order of Canada, a member of the Order of Ontario, and has numerous awards and honorary degrees from institutions in Canada and around the world.