What does queer resistance to the carceral state look like? 

Hosted by the Sociology Department, Ardath Whynacht's talk considers queer, trans and 2-Spirit experiences in the Canadian criminal justice system, with attention to the ways in which pervasive binaries (male/female // victim/offender // right /wrong) perpetuate gendered violence in a heteronormative, patriarchal society. Taking up a transformative justice approach, we will consider how a  a queer abolitionist approach to the carceral state could impact the ways in which violence is experienced by queer, trans and 2-Spirit people in their intimate lives as well as their public engagements.

This public lecture will take place Wednesday, March 29 at 4:00 pm in the Brian Mulroney Rotunda.

Professor Whynacht is an activist, artist and scholar. She teaches Sociology at Mount Allison University and runs a poetry and performance program at Dorchester Penitentiary. Her research is in the area of trauma, prisons and the mental health care system and she is a board member with the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project & a founding member of the Youth Against Stigma Project.  She is currently working on a book of essays about love and justice.